LEGO Star Wars Collectible Trading Cards Coming In August

Like any other well-established LEGO line, LEGO Star Wars has long been developing a good variety of products for both LEGO enthusiasts and Star Wars fans to enjoy. There have been plenty of starships, imperial and rebel war machines, minifigures, and even buildable figures – and this time, we will be seeing a LEGO Star Wars collectible trading cards sets very soon.

For the LEGO purist, this may seem to be unattractive, however, its quite clear that LEGO and Lucasfilm now have their sights in coming up with a full range of LEGO Star Wars collectible trading cards. This remarkable piece of news was broken by Promobricks, meaning it’s probably going to start becoming available in Europe before going elsewhere. The cards will be launched by the publishers of the LEGO Star Wars magazine, the first stop being Germany.

LEGO Star Wars collectible trading cards

The collection itself is of a respectable size with 252 cards total, each depicting, whether solo or in groups, all minifigure versions of every prominent Star Wars character in the film trilogies and major spin offs. Furthermore, 24 of those cards will be “Gold” Limited Edition cards, likely referring to the material used to decorate them.

Additionally, Promobricks reports that packs of the LEGO Star Wars collectible trading cards will start coming out as early as August 11 in Europe, and some Gold cards will be available as special extras on certain issues of LEGO magazine publications, not just with LEGO Star Wars.

Here’s a list of the known sources for the limited edition LEGO Star Wars cards, courtesy once again of Promobricks:

  1. LE01 – Yoda (August 11) – starter pack
  2. LE02 – Obi-Wan Kenobi (August 11) – LEGO Star Wars magazine #39
  3. LE03 – Luke Skywalker (September 8) – LEGO Star Wars magazine #40
  4. LE04 – Old Han Solo (September 13) – 5! Magazine 10/18
  5. LE05 – Chewbacca (October) – Extra Pack
  6. LE06 – Anakin Skywalker (September 18) – LEGO Ninjago comic #27
  7. LE07 – Rey (August 11) – Multi Pack
  8. LE08 – Poe Dameron (August 11) – Multi Pack
  9. LE09 – First Order Trooper FN-2187 (August 11) – Multi Pack
  10. LE10 – Clone Captain Rex (August 11) – Multi Pack
  11. LE11 – Darth Vader (October 13) – LEGO Star Wars magazine #41
  12. LE12 – Darth Maul (August 23) – LEGO Ninjago magazine #41
  13. LE13 – Captain Phasma (October 23) – LEGO Nexo Knights magazine #31
  14. LE14 – General Grievous (October 11) – 5! Magazine 11/18
  15. LE15 – Kylo Ren (November 17) – LEGO Star Wars magazine #42
  16. LE16 – Imperial Death Trooper (October 30) – LEGO Ninjago magazine #43
  17. LE17 – Boba Fett (unknown date) – Mini Tin Version C
  18. LE18 – Emperor Palpatine (unknown date)
  19. LE19 – Anakin Skywalker & Count Dooku (September) – Blister Pack
  20. LE20 – Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader (September) – Blister Pack
  21. LE21 – Obi-Wan Kenobi & Darth Maul (September) – Blister Pack
  22. LE22 – Yoda & Emperor Palpatine (unknown date) – Mini Tin Version B
  23. LE23 – Rey & Kylo Ren (unknown date) – Mini Tin Version A
  24. LE24 – Finn & Captain Phasma (September) – Blister Pack

What do you think of these new line of collectibles from LEGO? Will you consider them as a Day 1 purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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