New LEGO Store Opening in November at Greenville, South Carolina

True, LEGO products can, if no immediate option is available, be purchased online. But sometimes, there’s just nothing that beats being able to walk into an actual LEGO Store in search of that particular box set or polybag across store shelves and bins. The LEGO clearly understands this, and that’s why they continue to give considerable amount of time and effort to open brand stores all over the world.

Greenville in South Carolina has had a few nice appellations put on it by national publications: included in CNN Money’s “Top 10 Fastest-Growing US Cities”, and 3rd in Condé Nast Traveler’s “Best Small US Cities” just to mention a few. But soon, LEGO fans in the area, particularly in Haywood Mall, will love it more for the fact that it’s getting a branded LEGO Store.

LEGO Group Senior Director Leslie Jenkins said in a statement that the upcoming Greenville LEGO Store will look to enhance the brand experience through… the same stuff other LEGO Stores already do: a calendar of hands-on family events, catchy store design, and the promise of getting a wide variety of products.

“Children and families will be able to experience first-hand and hands-on the creativity and imagination that goes into LEGO building and be inspired by the over 4 million LEGO bricks that are in the store at any given time,” says Jenkins, referring to the aesthetic of the new LEGO Store, which she describes as “kid-chic” with play areas.

The LEGO Store will be located at Greenville’s Haywood Mall, and is expected to open for business this coming November. It will be the 94th LEGO Store in North America.


Source: WSPA

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