Weekend LEGO Fan Convention and MOC Exhibit in Santa Clara, CA with Bricks by the Bay 2018

Starting this Thursday is one of the major LEGO conventions to be held annually on the West Coast. The Bricks by the Bay is a big gathering of LEGO builders and fans around northern California, and an epic showcase of the best latest MOCs from creators in the area.

Running from July 12 to 15, Bricks by the Bay will be composed of two facets: the full four-day convention itself for participating LEGO builders with MOCs to display, and the two-day exposition of said MOCs on Saturday and Sunday (July-14-15) for general public admission and fun.

bricks by the bay

For those who are interested to attend the entire four-day convention, the only registration possible for joining the Bricks by the Bay 2018 will be at the door of the venue of the Santa Clara Convention Center. It’s $105 per late participant, and though they may no longer receive event souvenirs or exclusive freebies and there might be no guarantee that any MOC they brought could make the judging, still, attending the workshops and listening to master builders are all worth it. On the other hand, for those who are interested only to attend the 2-day public expo, you may click here to purchase tickets.

bricks by the bay

Once you’re registered however, it’s all LEGO-building paradise and camaraderie with workshops, games, panel speakers, meet-and-greets with famous MOC builders and more, especially considering the general theme of this con is Animation. Later guests who will arrive for the public exhibit are sure to find some mind-blowing MOCs in that theme (Saturday 11AM-3PM; Sunday 10AM-4PM).

In addition, there will be vendors on site for any exhibit viewer who has been inspired by what they see to purchase a LEGO set or two, plus various accessories. It’s a building bonanza from Thursday all the way to the start of next week with the Santa Clara Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention.

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