Check Out This Digital MOC of the LEGO Movie Master Builder Submarine

For those of our LEGO fan readers who might still be riding the buzz from the 2018 San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, the story of this MOC might be just for you. We know you might still be mulling about new details revealed for The LEGO Movie 2, but let’s backtrack a bit. Remember in the first LEGO Movie back in 2014, when the Master Builder Submarine first made its complete appearance? It was a hodgepodge of seemingly random bricks and elements cobbled together into a wicked cool yet fun vessel. And somebody actually replicated it (digitally).

A Redditor, uitslover, decided to figure out if the 3D animated vehicle in The LEGO Movie could be built with physical bricks in real life. So using, he managed to generate what he describes as a 99% accurate rendition of the Master Builder sub that’s not only huge, but will not fall apart from its shape.

Master Builder Submarine

Yes, shape. The LEGO Movie Master Builder Submarine constructed in as shared by uitslover is about as big as a one- to three-year-old child lying on his back while holding something up to represent the sub’s superstructure. At 29 inches long, 8.2 inches wide and 20.8 inches tall. This is massive when it’s assembled.

Then again, this MOC of The LEGO Movie’s Master Builder Submarine was built only as it looks on the outside, not like other model MOCs or official vehicle sets with interiors. All told, uitslover’s blueprint will use up about 3,341 LEGO bricks and elements, though the specific pieces needed, when purchased only for this, will run an estimated cost between over $500 and over $700, so best of luck to those who would physically realize this.

Here a clip from the LEGO Movie showing how Batman and the rest of the team came up with the idea of the Master Builder Submarine.


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