Here’s How To Make Your LEGO Classic Box Into A Brick Vacuum Cleaner

Do any of you still remember April Fools’ Day 2018? There were some choice zingers of fake LEGO-related news that came out that Sunday; we even put a spotlight on several of them. One April Fools’ joke from LEGO themselves involves a brick vacuum cleaner that automatically sorts the pieces it sucks up. It may have been a fake then, but it was an idea worth trying to make real.

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Now, this do-it-yourself Brick Vacuum Cleaner cobbled together from knickknacks doesn’t have the brick-sorting figure of the LEGO hoax news, but YouTuber mister fixit The King of Random has crafted a tool that might just be the best gift for mothers with children who play with LEGO, thus sparing them from the proverbial pain of stepping on an unassuming LEGO brick.

For his demonstration unit, TKOR took a big yellow LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box (10698), attached two spare plastic vacuum hoses on opposite ends of the lid, set up a mesh air hole and a clear plastic window on one side, with the plastic lid made airtight while closed with a proto-putty seal.

From there, it was a matter of attaching one hose to an actual vacuum cleaner and using the other hose to suck up LEGO pieces. The bricks then end up inside the LEGO box, prevented from going further, up the other hose into the vacuum, by a sturdy mesh barrier.

Sometimes, fakes can be made into reality with some ingenious tinkering; kudos to The King of Random for this ingenious device.

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