Limited Edition LEGO 60th Anniversary Commemorative Pen Holder Now Available in LEGO Store Taiwan

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The LEGO Store in Taiwan is currently running a promotion from July 6 to August 19 as part of its commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. The limited edition, LEGO 60th Anniversary Commemorative Pen Holder is a promotional set that comes free for every single receipt purchase of any LEGO sets worth 2,800 TWD and above or roughly 92 USD. This promotional set seems to come with a considerable number of pieces featuring a brick-built pen holder that resembles a yellow 2X4 LEGO brick, a space to hold other smaller items, and a mobile phone stand. The announcement for the said promotional was made via LEGO Store Taiwan’s official Facebook page.

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Perhaps what could be the best part of this set is the inclusion of the 60 Years commemorative 2×4 plate which is only found in the recent LEGO Classic Building Bigger Thinking sets, and the 421-piece 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) promotional set. Having this collectible LEGO piece in another promotional set such as the LEGO 60th Anniversary Commemorative Pen Holder is a very welcomed move. I like the idea of having a brick-built pen holder, much more so as a great way to show your appreciation to the legacy of the LEGO brick. It’s a cool study or work table accessory that any AFOL must have.

I hope that this promotional makes its way to the US and to the rest of the world. LEGO stores and their affiliates in Asia often run their own promotional sets and contest prizes that I wish were available elsewhere. One example is last year’s TRU Singapore’s exclusive giant minifigure holder/display that can hold 20 minifigures on display, which is a great way to flaunt those 2017 TRU Bricktober collectible minifigs.

Thanks to Promobricks for the heads up.

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