LEGO Formally Announces Its First Plant-Based Set: the LEGO Plants for Plants (40320)

Earlier this year, LEGO has announced its commitment in helping to curb climate change by reducing their company’s environmental impact. One of the many ways they managed to do this is through the use of a special kind of plastic made out of plant-based components to be used in creating future LEGO bricks and pieces. Though not entirely biodegradable, these new LEGO pieces are made from sustainable sourced sugarcane which means that the impact to the environment caused by producing these bricks will be significantly lower as compared to their usual methods of creating ABS plastic. The LEGO Group is committed in moving towards this direction, and  as scheduled, has now rolled out its very first plant-based product which is aptly named, LEGO Plants for Plants (40320).

LEGO Plants for Plants

Beginning in August, LEGO fans can now have their first set of environment-friendly LEGO pieces in the form of the LEGO Plants for Plants (40320). As mentioned in the LEGO Store August Calendar, this set of LEGO botanical pieces consisting of grass, shrubs, and leaves will be available as a gift with purchase set for every single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $35 and above. The set contains 29 plant pieces made of bright lime green and classic green colors.


This very first plant-based set marks LEGO’s first steps of making all of its core products (which means all LEGO plastic pieces) and packaging made out of sustainable materials by year 2030. Here’s a press release from LEGO regarding the LEGO Plants for Plants (40320) set, followed by a cool video that highlights LEGO’s mission and commitment of making sustainable plastic bricks.

The new plant-based LEGO elements will begin appearing in LEGO boxes throughout 2018. The new plant-based elements are drawn from the botanical range of LEGO elements – including trees, leaves and bushes- and are made from a plastic produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane, plants from plants!

Some of the botanical LEGO elements are available for the first time in brilliant lime green colour, as well as the classic LEGO green. The elements are compatible with the first ever LEGO bricks made 60 years ago and are an example of the LEGO Group’s continued commitment to innovation while staying true to the quality, play experience and durability that is at the heart of the LEGO system.

The plastic used to make the elements is polyethylene, a soft, durable and flexible plastic made from sustainably sourced sugarcane, in accordance with guidance from the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA) and third party certified global standards. The new elements are technically identical to existing LEGO botanical elements and have been tested to ensure the sustainably sourced plant-based plastic meets the high standards for quality and safety that the LEGO Group has, and consumers expect from LEGO products.

The new plant-based LEGO elements will begin appearing in LEGO boxes throughout 2018.


We surely support LEGO on this responsible move, and we are thankful to have toy companies who are mindful of their role towards a healthier and greener environment.

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