LEGO BrickHeadz Builder Mobile App Launched for Android

It’s hard to miss the fact that LEGO is heavily invested on other forms of media and communication well outside its core offering of toys and educational children’s products. Films and TV shows? They’re covered. How about videogames? LEGO has them too, from console titles to some fun mobile apps. And it’s incredible how many LEGO mobile apps they’re developing concurrently. Aside from baseline LEGO builds rendered in AR, and the app controls for the new LEGO Batmobile (76112), there’s a new app launched that’s based on the popular BrickHeadz line of cute brick-built figures. It’s called (simply) BrickHeadz Builder.

If you have seen LEGO Studio-AR in action then you have an idea how LEGO BrickHeadz Builder works: access to and manipulation of virtual copies of official LEGO sets to build and place on an AR environment in your phone or tablet. The primary focus however is the assembly and editing of a BrickHeadz figure serving as your player avatar.

BrickHeadz Builder

Once your BrickHeadz is complete, you can participate in challenges and mini-games to unlock more stuff and BrickHeadz characters, build other LEGO sets, place sets and BrickHeadz to make your own vignettes to save in photo or video, and even set AI patterns to your BrickHeadz and let them do their own thing on-screen.

LEGO Group VP for Digital Games and Apps Sean McEvoy has great hopes for LEGO BrickHeadz Builder to become a hit with mobile gaming and LEGO fans. “We hope this new digital experience will inspire children to continue exploring their creativity and imagination in the physical brick world, where building possibilities are endless,” he said.

For the moment, LEGO BrickHeadz Builder is only available for Android devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It’s completely free and features no in-app purchases at all.

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