LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester Is In Need of A New Master Model Builder

This could well be the ultimate AFOL dream. The LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester, UK is looking for a new Master Model Builder and the job description is to build and play with LEGO every day (for 5 working days that is).  It is expected to draw thousands of applications worldwide considering the fact that the position is so rare that one has even a higher chance of being an astronaut! As mentioned on the LEGOLAND Manchester’s recruitment page, the unique position is one of only 23 in the world, less than a fifth of the number of trained astronauts. Currently the LEGOLAND branch has Alex Bidolak as its resident Master Builder, and soon he will be joined by the successful applicant.

Master Model Builder
Alex Bidolak is LEGOLAND Discovery Center Manchester’s resident Master Builder.

Qualified applicants will go through a series of paces headed none other than by the theme park’s ‘toughest’ panel of judges – LEGOLAND’s Creative Crew made up of children ages 6 to 10.

Master Model Builder
The most rigorous panel of LEGO judges – the LEGOLAND Creative Crew.

The kids panel will challenge applicants to come up with their own series of creative builds, giving them the chance to show off if they have the bricks for the position. As far as LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester is concerned, this is the very first time that they followed this recruitment strategy, giving it a fun, LEGO twist. After all, the spirit of LEGO is all about playing well.

According to Jenn McDonough, General Manager of Manchester Cluster, Merlin Entertainments, “This is a hugely exciting time at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester. Such is the success of our popular family attraction, that we now need a second master model builder to join the fast-paced and brilliantly creative team here, to provide guests with an even more memorable and fun experience whilst visiting the attraction.”

Master Model Builder
Alex Bidolak at work and at play at LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Manchester, UK.

So if you think that you have what it takes to be the next Master Model Builder of the planet, then be sure to submit your intention right here. Afterwards, check your email to confirm your interest and wait for your next big, brick-building adventure.

Master Model Builder


Source: Manchester Evening News

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