LEGOLAND Windsor Starts Summer of Fun Event by Trading Bricks for Sand Sculptures

Normally when one mentions sculptures being built on a LEGOLAND theme park somewhere in the world, the immediate assumption is that it’s a brand new multi-brick model or edifice designed by that park’s master builders and put together with high ladders and even cranes. It’s a LEGO park after all. Well, with the UK now getting started with their summer season, LEGOLAND Windsor is joining the fun by introducing a new sculpture to advertise the park’s Summer of Fun beach-party themed event period. But rather than splurge on more bricks to assemble, this build is a sand sculpture like you would find on a beach.

Guests to LEGOLAND Windsor will most definitely appreciate the sight of giant LEGO minifigures sitting on lounge chairs at the beach, all rendered in nicely-packed sand. This is the handiwork of professional sand sculptor Raymond Wirick, hired by LEGOLAND Windsor to illustrate “Summer of Fun”.

Summer of Fun

LEGOLAND Windsor Senior PR Manager Lauren Moss is well aware that most occasions when celebrated by the park and resort is celebrated by a new build, but they wanted to try something new by getting Wirick to make a sand sculpture for their summer event, which will last two months.

Aside from the minifigure sculpts, the main attraction of LEGOLAND Windsor’s “Summer of Fun” event is a “pop-up beach” featuring sand, pails, shovels and deck chairs for resort guests to build sand-castles and more to their hearts’ content. This will be around in LEGOLAND Windsor from July until September 2.

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