UK’s LEGO Masters Airing Soon In Germany and Australia

LEGO builders in the UK have had the pleasure of having a LEGO-themed reality TV show in the comfort of their homes. Entitled as LEGO Masters, the show is produced by Tuesday’s Child and airing on Channel 4 since its 2017 launch. It’s proven popular enough that two overseas versions are now on their way.

You know a reality TV show is going to be big internationally when its distribution rights are picked up by the Netherlands-based Endemol Shine Group. That major production company is now developing LEGO Masters shows for two countries in two regions: Australia in the Asia-Pacific and Germany in continental Europe.

First announced to go international back in April, the competition-based reality TV show will soon be having local versions airing on both Australia’s major Nine Network and RTL Television in Germany. Just like with the original UK show, the localized LEGO Masters will have contestants building their best LEGO MOCs in a weekly elimination contest format.

LEGO Masters

Endemol Shine CEO Lisa Perrin is confident in her group deciding to launch the LEGO-themed show internationally with localized versions. “LEGO is a globally renowned and much-loved phenomenon that appeals to people of all ages and LEGO Masters most definitely has the same pull,” she said.

In addition, Perrin believes the family-friendly format of the TV contest will catch the attention of German and Australian viewers like it did with British audiences, and more markets could follow with their own versions. The original LEGO Masters show will air a second season on Channel 4 later this year.

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