LEGO Friends Pet Go-Kart Racers (5005238) Polybag Spotted in Hungary

LEGO Friends has recently included a new line of sets that saw the girls from Heartlake City take on the sport of go-kart racing. These new sets  had the line’s cast of characters take up go-karting, with appropriate minidolls and set designs. As it turns out, the go-karting craze for LEGO Friends isn’t quite over with these five sets just yet. One new product has been spotted that hasn’t been trumpeted over the major LEGO sites yet. It’s a polybag that works on a silly yet fun concept: the LEGO Friends Pet Go-Kart Racers (5005238).

First spotted on the LEGO Certified Store in Hungary by German LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, the LEGO Friends Pet Go-Kart Racers (5005238) polybag means exactly what it says. It contains two go-karts, two pets (a rabbit and hamster), a fold-up cardboard ramp and a sticker sheet for general use (not decals).


This sort of polybag design usually means that the LEGO Friends Pet Go-Kart Racers (5005238) is only available in LEGO Stores and not on retail outlets. Of course, we still don’t know when this will arrive on LEGO markets outside Hungary, though the likelihood’s good.

It should make for a great supplementary material if you happen to have the other big LEGO Friends go-kart sets, like the  for other LEGO sets in general.

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