New Facts About “The LEGO Movie 2” Revealed At SDCC 2018 Panel

One of the major reasons for any fan (with ways and means) to come to the 2018 San Diego Comic Con was the huge amount of panels for every upcoming comic book, video game, film, or any media imaginable. LEGO of course has its own share of these things. In particular, there’s star-studded the panel for The LEGO Movie 2.

Granted, the movie is still some seven months away from cinemas, but it’s never too early to drum up interest with strategic reveals such as with the film’s first trailer released last June. But in the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part panel during SDCC’s last leg during the weekend, the dropped hints are heavy and hard-hitting.

The LEGO Movie 2
Photo by Karl Walter/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9767227b)
Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Stephanie Beatriz
‘Warner Bros Studio’ panel, Comic-Con International, San Diego, USA – 21 Jul 2018

Sitting on the SDCC panel were writers and producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, animation director Trisha Gum, and voice talents Chris Pratt (Emmett), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle) and Stephanie Beatriz (new character Sweet Mayhem). One can’t help but be impressed with Miller who did the panel with a broken wrist done up in a cast (that’s also been doodled on to look like Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet).

Among the details dropped by The LEGO Movie 2 panel involve how the storyline follows up from the 2014 original’s ending, where Finn, the boy whose playtime with his father’s basement LEGO set created the story itself, now has to share with his sister. Her introduction of LEGO Duplo to the mix triggers an “alien war” scenario in Bricksburg that turns it into an apocalyptic warzone, where The Second Part picks up years later (in-universe).

Lord talks about how the central conflict in LEGO Movie 2 is brought about by the clashing imaginations of Finn the “story-maker” and his sister. Gum then describes the plot and visual escalation of the sequel as blasting off “out of the basement into the Systar system”, while new footage from the film was screened.

Even Chris Pratt got into talking about how the events and elements of the movie have grown bigger from the first installment, comparing it to his own casting history. When he voiced Emmett in The LEGO Movie back in 2014, he was easily known by his role in NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation; by the time his voice work was done, he was cast by Marvel as Star-Lord, and the rest was superhero blockbuster history.

To illustrate that point, Pratt reveals that he is also voicing a minor minifigure character, one that’s a fun fusion of Star-Lord and his other new big role as Owen Grady the Raptor wrangler from Jurassic World and its sequel. And as a reminder, JW and Marvel both have LEGO sets with Pratt’s characters on them.

All these info tidbits point to the great potential The LEGO Movie 2 has in surpassing what surprise box office success its predecessor had years before. We’ll have to wait for February 2019 to see if all these hold true.

Thanks to We Live Entertainment for covering the panel.

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