Ninjago Season 9 First Episode On Cartoon Network To Premiere In August

Since May, LEGO has been hyping the 9th season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on Cartoon Network, with a rather dramatic trailer that illustrated the dire circumstances of the main characters, separated between two worlds with an ascendant Lord Garmadon about to cement his rule over all. The thing is that nobody knew then when Ninjago season 9 will premiere.

At first, the announced Ninjago panel for SDCC 2018 didn’t offer any clues on the show, and even floated speculations that the ninth season might be the last, with the wording of the panel’s official description. But before the panel played out on Sunday, July 22, one of the LEGO Ninjago series’ co-creators finally dropped a hint about Season 9.

Tommy Andreasen went up and revealed that “Hunted”, the latest season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjiztu will premiere next month on Cartoon Network. Specifically, it will begin on August 11.

Just as a refresher: Ninjago season 9 – “Hunted” sees Lloyd and Nya trying to fight an increasingly futile rebellion against Lord Garmadon, with most of their friends banished to another dimension filled with dragons and dragon-slaving tribes, where they must try to survive and find a way to get home.

Perhaps Andreasen’s dropping of the start date for Ninjago season 9 on Cartoon Network will whet fans’ appetites for what other things will be revealed about the show and its future direction in the panel proper. You can count on us to deliver the goodies when they come to light.

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