LEGO Ninjago Panel to be Featured Once More at SDCC 2018: No Mention of Any New Season for the TV Show

LEGO Ninjago has always made its presence known at San Diego Comic Cons and this year is no less different. Almost like an annual tradition, the LEGO Ninjago panel is expected to be a part of SDCC 2018’s programming in which LEGO fans can likewise enjoy.

Slated on the last day of the comic book convention on July 22, the LEGO Ninjago panel will include the show’s co-creator and veteran producer Tommy Andreasen, LEGO Senior Design Manager Michael Svane Knap, Lead Writer Bragi Schut, and voice talents Brent Miller (the person behind the Zane’s voice), Kelly Metzger (voice of Nya), and Vincent Tong (voice of Kai). The panel will be moderated/hosted by Brian Bowler from the LEGO Group.

Traditionally, the LEGO Ninjago panel shares and discuss the details of where the franchise is heading for the following year. However, the panel’s official description is not really clear about this, and instead states that they will “talk about their favorite memories and other reflections on creating LEGO’s longest running and most successful show.” Is this a sign of things to come? Are we about to see the end of yet another LEGO TV show? Though these are just speculations, it is kind of hard not to consider this possibility since there has been no indication or rumor of any future LEGO Ninjago sets except for an anonymous source that claims across some LEGO fan forums that LEGO is planning to have a re-release of some sort of its previous LEGO Ninjago sets.

lego ninjago panel
The Fire Temple (2507) from 2011.
lego ninjago panel
The Earth Dragon Defense (2509) from 2011.

If I will correlate that with what we can expect from LEGO Ninjago panel in this year’s SDCC, could it really be possible that in keeping up with their “favorite memories” of the long-standing TV show, they will also make mention of the LEGO Ninjago sets that are most memorable to them and hence, an announcement of a “re-release” of these sets? Is not really far-fetched if you consider the circumstances. But bear in mind that these are just speculations, and whatever is the case we just have to wait until July 22 to see what LEGO has in store. The San Diego Comic Con 2018 will be from July 19 to 22 and is attended by thousands of pop culture fans, and home for exclusive merchandise such as LEGO sets and minifigures that you can never find anywhere else.

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