LEGO Introduces First Plants from Plants Set (40320) Made of Sustainable Materials

Do you still remember back in March, when LEGO announced its plan to commence transitioning the materials used in their products to more sustainable sources? They had quite the sense of appropriateness with having the first LEGO building elements made of plant-based plastics to be… the plant props and set accessories. While the earlier announced LEGO xtra accessory polybags might possibly have some sustainable materials in them, particularly with Food (40309) and Botanical (40310), the company actually has a special box set coming that really sells their green-based building elements campaign. Next month they’re introducing the LEGO Plants from Plants set (40320).


The first images of this set was glimpsed on the August 2018 LEGO Store Calendar. As its box images show, it’s nothing but LEGO trees, grass, shrubbery and other green elements, all made out of plant-based plastics. This is something of a glimpse towards what LEGO plans for the future.

For those interested in making their LEGO building or outdoor layouts and vignettes livelier with vegetation, they can avail of the promotional Plants from Plants (40320) set at both LEGO Stores and from August 1 to 14. Stateside, they only need a minimum $35 LEGO purchase to get 40320 free.

LEGO’s sources for plant-based plastics are from sugarcane, and are more sustainable than the artificial sources of conventional plastic. The LEGO Group’s Vice President for Environmental Responsibility Tim Brooks promises that once the use of sustainable materials for these special sets take off, eventually all future LEGO bricks will be using plant-based plastics. We’re looking forward to that directive fulfilled.

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