LEGOLAND Billund Reclaims the Title for the Tallest LEGO Tower Built

Last week, LEGOLAND Billund and the rest of the community joined hands (and bricks) in attempting to dethrone Tel Aviv, Israel from the title of having the tallest LEGO tower ever built. As part of the theme park’s 50th anniversary celebration from June 26 to 30, park visitors and LEGO’s top notch Master Builders embarked on an attempt to win back their title which they once held in 2003.

tallest lego tower

Park visitors and guests had the opportunity on working on the various sections of the tower, giving them a truly memorable hands-on experience of participating in this world-record breaking event. The tower was even designed to feature the pretty cool details like the name of the park and the Danish flag.

tallest lego tower

Though the Guinness World Records still has to certify this feat, the structure’s final measure consisting of more than a half million bricks, stood proud at 36.26 meters beating Tel Aviv’s record by less than a meter. Once certified, LEGOLAND Billund will once more reclaim the title of having the world’s tallest tower ever built using LEGO bricks. Watch this video clip from first ever LEGOLAND theme park that shows some of the highlights of this mammoth endeavor.

How long will this recognition rest with LEGOLAND Billund?  We shall see in the years to come. Congratulations and happy 50th anniversary to LEGOLAND Billund!


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