LEGO Posters for Marvel And DC Comics Available At SDCC 2018

There’re just so many things happening at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con which has started this Thursday that trying to get all the panels, events, exclusives and everything else straight could take a good long while. Even if we’re just primarily covering the LEGO scene at SDCC, there’s still a lot happening just with them. We’ve already covered the LEGO exclusives for SDCC in past articles, as well as the limited-quantity advance releases [hello, LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311)]. But there are still more awesome stuff that will be handed away to attendees that brave the crowds and long lines such as these pretty neat LEGO posters.

Spotted by Parks and Cons on Twitter, these two promotional LEGO posters from the two pillars of American superhero comic books, Marvel and DC are such sweet finds. Interestingly, the original renditions of these posters both commemorate milestone anniversaries for these publishing brands.

The Marvel-inspired LEGO poster is part of the gold-hued set that was released to celebrate the First Ten Years of Marvel Studios; particularly this LEGO Marvel STUD10S poster is the hero group shot with the tagline “More than just a Hero”. The DC LEGO poster on the other hand is a salute to 80 years of Superman, with little images which homage iconic scenes from his comics, films and so on, until the current DC Comics run where Superman is also “Super-Dad”.

SDCC guests who would drop by at the LEGO booth could have their choice of a poster for the first decade of the most moneymaking superhero film studio, or a poster celebrating eight decades of the definitive superhero of all. You can also ask for both, though I wonder now if LEGO has enough of them in stock to last the who Comic Con weekend.

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