Signed LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) Sets Available in Advance at SDCC 2018

SDCC 2018 is off to a grand start, and for attendees who are fans of both LEGO and the beloved 1980’s mecha icon, now’s their chance to come and grab a signed LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set ahead of their official release next month. However, these sets come in limited quantities so expect some pretty tight competition out there for those who want a signed copy of the largest LEGO Ideas set to date.

As if collectors need no more reason to get a signed LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set ahead of the crowd, the boxes on display at LEGO’s SDCC booth have been made even more special, because all of them have been autographed by creative higher-ups from LEGO Ideas.

The two signatures on every signed LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set at SDCC belong to Samuel Johnson, Creative Lead for LEGO Ideas, and Designer Niek van Slagmaat. If you’ve been following us, you’d recognize van Slagmaat as one of the interviewees for the recent Designer Video for the Ideas Voltron set (21311). He even showed off the stocked shelves on his Twitter.

That’s a nice gesture from the good folks at LEGO Ideas who have finally managed to get to heavily-anticipated set out after a long wait, and a great boost on the collector’s value of every 21311 box sold at SDCC.

For those who won’t be at San Diego all weekend for the SDCC, they’ll get another shot at an early purchase of the LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) on July 23, if they’re a LEGO VIP member. Finally, the general release of this set for everybody will be on August 1.

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