LEGO Offers Online Tour of Their SDCC Booth and Displays Via Facebook Video

For all intents and purposes, with the start of Preview Night the 2018 San Diego Comic Con has officially begun. Many adherents of a wide variety of fandoms, not necessarily just comics, are congregating at San Diego for the event lasting into the weekend. LEGO too has a booth there. Of course, not everybody is going to be able to either make time or afford to be physically present for the SDCC. For these, especially LEGO fans, the LEGO Group has arranged for a guided online tour of their SDCC display area, for the benefit of those who can’t be there.

Hosting the online tour, which is hosted on LEGO’s Facebook page, is Master Builder Chris Steininger. We get to see some of the exclusive LEGO merchandise that can only be found at SDCC 2018 such as the Millennium Falcon Cockpit (75512), Aquaman and Storm (75996), and Ant-Man and the Wasp (75997). These sets are exclusively sold, and comes in limited quantities, at only SDCC 2018. There are also eye-catching brick-built statues of Ultrakatty, Thanos, and even Aquaman that we also featured before. Then there’s a showcase of the SDCC exclusive LEGO sets such as the recently-revealed LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) and LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262) available in limited quantities for a special advance purchase.

Other exhibits that SDCC attendees can interact with at the LEGO area include a photo-op section where fans can pose inside giant blister packs while costumed as Sheriff Deadpool or Black Lightning. Then there’s a standalone version of the character editor from the upcoming LEGO DC Super Villains videogame, to allow guests to try out the main character customization feature.

And finally, a life-sized Millennium Falcon cockpit will also take the center-stage, giving Star Wars fans a golden opportunity to sit on Han Solo’s pilot seat.

In just under five minutes Steininger and The LEGO Group has taken fans around the company’s own space in the larger SDCC area, and that’s something non-attending LEGO fans can be very happy and grateful for. Many might not be there from July 19 to 22, but they at least got their nice good look.

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