LEGO DC Super Villains Trailer At SDCC Features Character Editor Exposition by Harley Quinn

When WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales flipped the perspective on their earlier LEGO Batman videogame trilogy by announcing LEGO DC Super Villains, they generated a lot of excitement from players at the idea of playing the bad guys from the start. There was even more hype when it was revealed that the game will feature the creation of original villain characters to serve as the player’s direct avatar and viewpoint. While this latest WB Games offering is going to get a lot of attention when LEGO showcases it at the now-ongoing San Diego Comic Con, a LEGO DC Super Villains trailer was also released that both frames the presence of player-created characters in the game’s story while showing off more about the editing process and its effects.

The new trailer is narrated by breakout favorite DC baddie Harley Quinn, who talks about how the LEGO Justice League in their world was “vanished” by the so-called Justice Syndicate, who immediately establish a reign of terror; the DC villains grouse at the Syndicate’s crackdown on their evildoings which Harley lampshades: “We’re the bad guys, and they’re the worst guys!”

This latest LEGO DC Super Villains trailer also gives us a glimpse on how the super-villains, falling in under the assumed leadership of Lex Luthor, are ready to expand their ranks to make an anti-Syndicate army of baddies. That, says Harley, is where the player’s character comes in: a formerly mundane criminal who, in the character creator, gets his own customizable costume, weapons and even super-powers, to help the DC Super Villains save the day for “real villainy”.

So much focus was given by LEGO and WBI-TT on the character editor of LEGO DC Super Villains that they even set up a stand-alone version of it for SDCC, where guests can dabble with the libraries for costumes, weapons and powers to make their own villain on the spot. Hands-on demos of the game can also be had, not just at LEGO’s space, but at the booths for Warner Bros. and DC Comics too. Perhaps that will whet players’ appetites for the official release of LDCSV on October 19.

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