Tel Aviv Hosts LEGO Exhibit Featuring The Work Of LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney

Is it just us, or is the city of Tel Aviv in Israel trying to establish itself to be the most LEGO-crazy place in the world? We recall back in January, when the year was still new, that Tel Aviv’s resident LEGO enthusiasts collaborated with the city government to erect a brick-built tower that, for a time, was the tallest LEGO structure of its kind in the world. Now, the Tel Aviv Port complex is playing host to a LEGO Exhibit where all the works are done in LEGO, and they’ve even got a LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) on board, one of only 16 in the world, to display some of his artwork over there.

Sean Kenney, based in New York, has graciously accepted the invitation of Tel Aviv Port to be part of their LEGO Exhibit, which will be running all summer. It’s also the first time his work has been displayed in Israel. Kenney spoke of how his love for LEGO started as a child, with his building skills and projects becoming better and more complex with age.

LEGO Exhibit

“I am always excited to bring my work to fans around the world,” remarked Kenney on his Tel Aviv LEGO Exhibit. “We have to do a lot of planning and logistics not only to create the sculptures but also to transport them and install them.”

The Tel Aviv Port LEGO Exhibit is roughly divided into two sections, one being Sean Kenney’s display area and the other reserved for interactive LEGO activities for guests. The event’s coordinator and promoter, Lior Kamali, collaborated with Kenney to bring his LEGO work over, and as a LEGO builder himself, Kamali conceptualized the interactive activities.

LCPs like Kenney are recognized for their skills by The LEGO Group in Denmark, and are considered informal business partners. Thus, Kenney and the Tel Aviv Port exhibits have no official connections to LEGO Park Holon and The LEGO Group.

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