This Custom LEGO Chocolate Frog Card Is Surely Magical

If you’ve been keeping up with our news, then you know that LEGO has a wave of Harry Potter merchandise that has been released or will be releasing soon. From the newly-premiered Collectible Minifigures (71022) to the upcoming Hogwarts Castle (71043), that’s a whole lot of minifigures and nanofigures to pick up. But what do we do with them? Perhaps add them to past LEGO Harry Potter play-sets? But Dutch LEGO fan Daan de Ruijter has a sweet MOC idea: how about mounting the minifigures into a brick-built, custom LEGO Chocolate Frog Card?

If you recall from the books and films, Chocolate Frogs are a popular Wizarding World chocolate brand that includes animated pictures of famous Witches and Wizards in the known Potter-verse, encased in pentagon-shaped trading cards. Daan de Ruijter has conceptualized a custom LEGO Chocolate Frog Card case that’s shaped like the original one as seen in the Harry Potter films.

You can even build your own custom LEGO Chocolate Frog Card, since de Ruijter was kind enough to share the building instructions on how to make this MOC online via his website. Also included on the instruction page are links to the list of the LEGO parts and pieces (and respective quantities) needed to make one of these Chocolate Frog cases, so you can order those parts as needed from LEGO’s Pick A Brick page, or via Bricklink.

With the option to put down the LEGO Wizarding World minifigure’s name on the card case using water slide decals, this custom LEGO Chocolate Frog Card by Daan de Ruijter’s is one of the most awesome ways to jazz up your choice of all the collectible minifigures coming out. We give due credit to de Ruijter for his creation.

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