The LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline Will Be a Great LEGO Architecture Set

It seems there’s a rising trend of Product Ideas on the LEGO Ideas platform that’s specifically tailored for an existing LEGO product line. We saw this recently with a 10-K passer for the Second 2018 Review Stage, being a Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 that’s being proposed by its creator for the LEGO Speed Champions series. Now, a new submission has been put forth on LEGO Ideas by Canadian member Nathan Beyerle (nbeyerle). His Product Idea is a multi-building model skyline in the vein of the LEGO Architecture series:the LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline.

So it is with great Canadian pride that nbeyerle is presenting his Product Idea for a LEGO Architecture set based on Toronto, capital of the province of Ontario and biggest city in Canada by population. His skyline features (left to right) Rogers Centre, CN Tower, First Canadian Place, Fairmont Royal York, and Nathan Phillips Square. Needless to say, it follows a similar layout to the upcoming LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21047) set.

LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline

Nathan Beyerle used about 800 LEGO pieces to build his LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline; and they’re all spot-on in detail, given nbeyerle lived in the city for eight years. “I’ve always been a fan of architecture,” says nbeyerle. “And it’s a global city and it should be represented in Lego.”

The LEGO Ideas Product Idea Toronto Skyline was posted on August 1, and at present it has gained 658 supporters on the Ideas platform. It does look spiffy, so we wish it the best of luck gathering the big 10-K with the over-400 days it’s got left.

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