Fan Creates Custom LEGO Series M Madonna Minifigures for Queen of Pop’s 60th Birthday

On Thursday, August 16, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone – better known by only her first name and the appellation of “Queen of Pop” – turned 60 years old. Media and fans everywhere are now paying tribute to her long and storied career in music. That includes Sam Hatmaker, an artist who was inspired to honor two milestones. Working on the fact that both Madonna and the LEGO Minifigure hit two major anniversary dates this 2018 – 60 for her and 40 for it – he decided to combine them by handcrafting a set of custom LEGO Series M Madonna  Minifigures in honor of the Queen of Pop.

Hatmaker’s LEGO Series M Madonna Minifigures comprises of 20 minifigures of the Queen of Pop’s life and reign in the music industry. Two of these are a baby-Minifig Madonna from her birth in 1958, and the age-20 Madonna of 1978 (debut of LEGO Minifigures), during her art modeling and backup dancing days in New York, before her start with music.

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The rest of the Minifigures chronicle some of Madonna’s notable songs and her different looks for each in their respective music videos, from “Material Girl” to “Vogue”. Some of them emulate skirts by using classic Minifigure slope pieces. One cheeky addition is Madonna in the buff from her controversial 1992 coffee table book (complete with appropriately-positioned censor bars).

Ask on how Madonna would react if she saw his custom LEGO Series M Madonna Minifigures collection, Sam Hatmaker remarked, “I think she would be flattered on how much respect I have for her. Madonna changed the world — and my life — in many ways. She pushed buttons and tried to open people’s minds, always with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek. She continues to make art, and push for us to love ourselves and others, and tries to make the world a better place.”

LEGO Series M Madonna Minifigures

To see more of Sam Hatmaker’s artistic LEGO MOCs, check out his official website here. Happy 60th Birthday to Madonna!

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