LEGO Ideas Challenges You To Create Your Most Imaginative Voltron Scene

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In case you don’t know yet, LEGO’s widely popular fan contest site, LEGO Rebrick, is now merging with LEGO Ideas to be next fan-based and crowd sourcing online platform rolled into one. So in case you have previously submitted entries on LEGO Rebrick, it will be wise to back them up since the site will no longer be accessible beginning September 1. With that out of the way, we now have our very first open contest inspired by the new LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) set, and now hosted on the new LEGO Ideas site: the LEGO Ideas – Form Your Imaginative Voltron Scene.

Imaginative Voltron Scene

Have you ever dreamed yourself into the fascinating universe of Voltron? We most certainly have! There are so many epic scenes that stimulate our imaginations of life beyond Earth. Here’s your chance to bring it all to life in LEGO bricks, as the LEGO Ideas team is looking for you to show us your most imaginative interpretation of one of the locations in which your favourite Voltron lion was found after all the lions were sent away into hiding for 10,000 years by King Alfor.

This contest challenges builders ages 13 and above to come up with their most imaginative Voltron scene for one of the five iconic lions that forms the mighty Voltron. The idea is to design a specific location or scene, bearing in mind the unique characteristics of each of the lion and the elements in which they are associated with – the Black Lion with the element of metal, Red Lion being found in the forest and connected with the element of fire, the Green Lion which is hidden in the forest and associated with all forms of life, the Blue Lion lying deep underwater and connected with the element of water, and the Yellow Lion hidden under rock formations and associated with the element of earth. Like with LEGO Rebrick, entries can either images made from actual LEGO sets (following the rules set forth by the contest organizers), or digitally made via LEGO Digital Designer.

Submission of entries for the most imaginative Voltron scene has already begun and will end on September 24. There will be one Grand Prize Winner and Two-Runner Ups which will be announced on October 30. The Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • One LEGO Ideas Voltron Defender of the Universe (21311) set signed by the LEGO Designer
  • A $500 USD shopping spree on
  • A stash of elite Voltron merchandise which includes a Voltron Backpack and a Voltron Team Force Membership Kit

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Each Runner-Up will also bring home one signed LEGO Ideas Voltron Defender of the Universe (21311) as their prize and trophy.

Be sure to keep tabs with the latest updates on the LEGO Ideas: Form Your Imaginative Voltron Scene contest by visiting their new contest website.

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