LEGO Builder Makes a Giant Flying Foam Version of Helicopter from the International Jetport (6396) Set

There’s never an end to the amazing things one can do when inspired by LEGO. If you search enough, you might find a number of brilliant home tinkerers who have taken model sets of LEGO vehicles and created larger mechanized versions of them, and then posted their machines’ performances online. Adam Woodworth, known on YouTube as ajw61185, is one of those customizers who have made remotely operated drones of vehicles from a multitude of toy franchises. His latest video shows his latest work, a foam-built and enlarged replica of a helicopter that was part of a 1990 LEGO set, the International Jetport (6396).

International Jetport (6396)

Everything about this LEGO-inspired flying contraption was lifted from the design of the International Jetport (6396) set’s helicopter model, and was made out of lightweight foam including the pilot minifigure in the cockpit. The only details not found in the LEGO chopper were the internal motors that drive the foam-version’s main and stabilizing rotors.

If you notice, the model’s rotors don’t actually perform the lifting and flying action for this foam model. Instead, Adam Woodworth snuck in some drone mini-quad rotors on the helicopter’s landing struts. With the whole thing mostly built of foam, the drone rotors (nearly invisible against the black skids) are able to do their work well.

This isn’t the only enlarged foam-constructed LEGO vehicle model that Woodworth has worked on. You can find more incredible videos of a LEGO space shuttle and light aircraft on his ajw61185 YouTube channel as well.

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