LCP “Brickman” to have “Awesome” Exhibit at Australia’s Dreamland Theme Park

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When an event or venue takes on the services of a LEGO Certified Professional (LCP) for a display or exhibition, they can count on some very impressive brick-built constructs. One can take the example of LCP Sean Kenney who had a blast with his own exhibit in Tel Aviv recently.

Now, another Lego Certified Professional is about to take center stage at another LEGO exhibition. This one will be in Australia at the Dreamland theme park in Queensland. And the LCP of the hour is Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, who has got a nice selection of large-scale LEGO builds to share.

“The Brickman Awesome exhibition is about all things amazing, unique, record-breaking or just plain awesome,” Dreamworld Marketing General Manager Philip Hancox said in a statement. “And we can’t wait to offer our guests another experience that will transport them into a world of awe and wonder.” Judging from this promotional image, it definitely is so.


Dreamland is really counting on special events like this Brickman Awesome exhibit to draw in the crowds. The theme park has been having a string of grave misfortunes; four deaths in accidents at their ride attractions and the ensuing inquest proceedings have scared off patrons from the ticket booth.

Brickman’s Awesome exhibit, featuring some massive builds like a 7.5-meter tall rocket and using a grand total of over 2 million LEGO pieces, will debut at Dreamland, the Gold Coast’s BIGGEST theme park, this coming September. Visit their official website for ticket purchases and other inquiries.

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