LEGO Builder Recreates Custom High-Performance LEGO Car Engines

I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of reminding – and being reminded – that you can build almost anything you imagination desires with the help of a pile of LEGO pieces. They can be something simple as the Barnes & Noble Build and Take Hogwarts Express or its more complex official countepart which is the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (75955). There are some builders out there who have made a business out of their uncanny knack for constructing complicated objects in LEGO. For instance, Instagram user replicamotorsport has gotten attention due to his talent at making some small-scale LEGO car engines with some intricate detailing.

Now, we’ve seen impressive LEGO-built engines ourselves, like the aircraft engine currently waiting for the LEGO Ideas 2018 Second Review Stage. But these custom LEGO car engines by replicamotorsport are something else with their accuracy considering their size, their average L-W-H dimensions being 7-4-5 in inches, but still remarkable in resemblance to their original full-scale real versions.

Already replicamotorsport has posted several LEGO engines on his Instagram page taken from some very impressive cars. There are flat-six engines as seen in Porsches and the Chevy LS, or a K-series inline-four like found on a Honda. They might even feature moving LEGO-piece pistons.

Copies of replicamotorsport engines have already been bought up by technically-geared LEGO fans and collectors who usually work with the more high-level lines like Technic. Each costs $35, but that’s money well spent for those eager to have physical copies of these MOC engines so they can rebuilt these themselves.

It’ll be great to look forward to what new future creations replicamotorsport will put up in his Instagram page, here.

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