Somerset, UK Hosting LEGO Exhibit, Spartan Brick Creations

Last month we shone a spotlight on a recent issue of Blocks, one of the major independent publications covering the LEGO scene. Some of the best elements the magazine has going for it are the splendid amount of content within, including building tips, advice and MOC from some knowledgeable contributors. One of Blocks magazine’s most well-known contributors is their Build Specialist Simon Pickard, a LEGO fan and wonder-builder who has also had the good fortune of having his worked showcased on official LEGO books. He’ll also be the principal guest for a LEGO builders’ exhibition in Wellington, Somerset County, UK aptly dubbed as Spartan Brick Creations.

For a single day this weekend, the Wellington Baptist Church will be the host for what has been termed as “An exhibition of creativity in LEGO”, better known as the “Spartan Brick Creations” event. Not only is Simon Pickard at the center of attention, there will also be build showcases of brick animals as featured in the recent “LEGO Animal Atlas” book published by Dorling-Kindersley.

Spartan Brick Creations

With an admission price of £3 per head, with children under 2 allowed in for free, guests to the Spartan Brick Creations will be able to check out the LEGO builds on display, meet and greet with Simon Pickard, try their hand at construction with the free build zone, and of course be able to purchase a variety of LEGO sets both old and newly-released from the event’s partner merchants.

Lest you forget, Spartan Brick Creations is happening this Saturday, August 18, from 11AM to 5PM at the Baptist Church of Wellington in Somerset, UK.

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