Massive LEGO Icebreaker MOC On Display for Australian Antarctic Festival

Many brick-built LEGO creations are understandably more likely to be exhibited at LEGO conventions, galleries and similar venues. There are exceptions of course, like LEGO displays at public spaces. The Australian Antarctic Division, an arm of that country’s Department of the Environment doing research on the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic, has commissioned an impressive LEGO brick-build ship model for a special celebration in Hobart. For the 2018 Australian Antarctic Festival running August 2 to 5 at the capital of Tasmania state, the AAD will be featuring a massive LEGO icebreaker MOC created by certified LEGO professional Ryan “Brickman” McNaught. This is a brick-built version of the RSV Nuyina, a new Australian icebreaker currently under construction for furthering the AAD’s Antarctic expeditions.

The real Nuyina is a huge research vessel, the scale of which is demonstrated by Brickman’s LEGO icebreaker MOC which is cut away to reveal the researcher minifigures inside, in action for a voyage. There are even several helicopters being readied on the brick flight deck. About 117,612 LEGO pieces went into its construction, barring minifigures.

LEGO icebreaker MOC

For Hobart’s Australian Antarctic Festival, the AAD will have its display area at the Princes Wharf, with the LEGO icebreaker MOC of the RSV Nuyina being a central attraction. Once the Festival winds up on Sunday, August 5, the model will be redisplayed at the same place on August 18 for National Science Week.

Afterwards it will be taken on tour around Australia before being given a place of honor at the Kingston headquarters of the Australian Antarctic Division. The actual RVS Nuyina will be based from Hobart by year 2020 upon its completion.


Source: Australian Antarctic Division – Government of Australia

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