LEGO Holds Live Activation Event in China to Promote Its LEGO Technic Sets

LEGO Technic is among the most advanced product lines put out by The LEGO Group, and while the reach of their building sets is worldwide, there are still some certain markets that either haven’t gotten Technic introduced, or are simply unaware and overlook it. One of those countries is China. That’s something The LEGO Group plans to rectify. This week they held their first live activation for the LEGO Technic line in the Chinese capital of Beijing. LEGO is focusing on one of their particular promotion slogans for this event – “Build for real” – in conceptualizing the exhibits for the activation.

Jack Morton Worldwide helped LEGO realize the various activities and displays that showcase the mechanical engineering potential of the Technic line of products. For the Beijing live activation, guests get to see some Technic sets being put through some intense (and potentially destructive) physical situations.

Live Activation

“We wanted the first live experience we created in China to reveal the depth of Lego to this market,” remarked LEGO’s China brand marketing manager, Lili Rui. “Technic offers a wonderful opportunity to explore and discover and we’re delighted that this experience truly captures that and brings it to life.”

banner 42082 Prod

Want to see how well the Whack (42072) and Bash (42073) might survive deliberate crash tests? Try your luck in parking the All-Terrain Tow Truck (42070) in a scale-size parking space? Or how about operating the Rough Terrain Crane (42082) to see how well you can erect walls with it?

Perhaps the crowning glory of the Technic event in China is the exhibit of a full-sized replica engine of the Bugatti Chiron (the car itself being a Technic set numbered 42083), all made of Technic pieces. And it runs too!

LEGO fans in Beijing and nearby in China can enjoy these interactive displays – and be inspired to try the LEGO Technic series of sets – up until August 12. LEGO in China has been hyping this one-time occasion with an aggressive PR and social media campaign.

Source: Campaign Live (UK)

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