Captain Marvel’s Official Trailer Finally Revealed!

Another MCU trailer has broken the internet. Currently trending at #3 over at YouTube with more than 14 million views as of this posting, Captain Marvel’s official trailer has taken the online world by storm in less than 12 hours. In this official trailer, we see the Kree heroine being thrown from space and landing on an all-too-familiar 90s pop culture symbol. In case you missed it, here’s the official trailer once again.

We don’t need the power of the Mind Stone to be certain that LEGO has something in the works for MCU 9th Phase 3 film. Since March early this year when Marvel Entertainment released its official press release about MCU’s cosmic powered heroine, I made a wishlist of LEGO tie-in sets that I would like to see before the film debuts on March 8, 2019. And this month when official set images of Captain Marvel were revealed, we had a better look at Starforce, the Kree’s elite military group whom Captain Marvel is affiliated, and the Skrulls which is the film’s supposedly main antagonists.

Similar to LEGO Marvel Superheroes Guardian of Galaxy Vol. 2 and Black Panther subthemes, we can expect that Captain Marvel will also have two or three LEGO tie-in sets under her name. Some of the things that I definitely expect are sets where we can find Captain Marvel in her various minifigure renditions which included her predominantly green Starforce uniform, another uniform iteration with the signature mask and helmet on, and the upgraded red and blue uniform as seen in the comic books.

As I mentioned before, another LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain Marvel set will most likely include Nick Fury in his younger years as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and the Kree hero Captain Mar-vell (played by Jude Law). Another candidate will be a set that includes the shape-shifting Skrulls – something similar perhaps to that beachfront scene where the Skrulls have supposedly arrived.

It is somehow established that most of MCU’s recent movie trailers turn out to be teasers as well for future LEGO sets. Some of these are GOTG’s battle with the Abilisk as depicted in The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081), Black Panther’s Royal Talon Fighter Attack (76100), and Thor Ragnarok’s Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash (76088). It is not therefore, a long shot to consider that any of the scenes that we saw in Captain Marvel’s official trailer will find its way as an official LEGO Marvel Superheroes set early next year.

Which particular scene from Captain Marvel’s official trailer do you think will become an official LEGO set? Let me know about your wish list and share them in the comments below.