From the Rumor Mill: Will a LEGO Legend of Zelda Video Game Really Happen?

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This piece of news (aka rumor) has been floating around social media sites since yesterday, that even LEGO-oriented blog sites started picking them up. Yes, you read it right: there have been talks around LEGO community sites that LEGO might have entered into a partnership with Nintendo to come up with a LEGO Legend of Zelda video game. It spread like wide fire that even Kevin Hinkle, former community manager for LEGO in the Americas, has joined in and gave his two cents on the matter over on Twitter.

Here is the Instagram post that allegedly claims to be the source of the rumor. An anonymous source claims that he or she managed to hack the Nintendo Switch eShop and was able to extract the following information from the site. According to his account, these are upcoming games that LEGO intends to announce later on through a Nintendo Direct Episode. However, due to the recent earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan, the scheduled stream of this Nintendo Direct episode was put on hold. As you can see from the list, a certain LEGO Legend of Zelda is mentioned.

Now it can be argued that LEGO is no stranger to collaborations with other video game companies and titles such as Minecraft and the more recent and still to be revealed, LEGO Overwatch theme. However, it is quite strange for LEGO to take a highly popular video game and render it in to another LEGO video game format. This doesn’t make sense because there is the possibility that this will compete against one of Nintendo’s video game titles, unless this speculated LEGO Legend of Zelda video game will have a new story line or will be a sequel (or prequel) of some sorts.

Furthermore, the rest of the titles mentioned in this ‘leak’ seem to be dubious. I really don’t go with the idea that Nintendo will be comfortable naming one of its upcoming games such as WarioWare: Fart Mania, or Metroid Equestrian Races. The former will not go well with Nintendo’s sense of video game decency, while the latter seems to go against the very idea and character of the Metroid video game.

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Here’s the original image in case it gets deleted.

Then there are licensing issues if ever Nintendo enters into a formal partnership with LEGO for future LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO must find a way to hurdle any proprietary issues that Nintendo entered and agreed upon with other companies in the past. For what it is, we have to take this piece of news with a handful of salt and to be cautious not to immediately jump in the bandwagon. These are all speculations and rumors that will be hopefully addressed once the latest episode of Nintendo Direct airs soon.

Credit for the featured image:  The Brick Addict via Instagram


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