When a Mutated, Custom LEGO Carrot Becomes Evil

Custom LEGO Carrot

That’s why I always prefer to go natural and organic, because this next hilarious build from Tyler puts it’s so succinctly. If you’re an 80s kid like me, then titles like “The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” will probably give you an idea why you should not take your food for granted. Yeah, eating vegetables are good for your body, but I guess this custom LEGO Carrot from the creative mind of Tyler (aka Legohaulic over at Flickr) will disagree otherwise.

evil carrot man

With just a handful of pieces, Tyler managed to whimsically capture the poor bunny’s dilemma. This carrot-turned-nemesis is easily recognizable. I love how Tyler managed to give this vengeful custom LEGO Carrot a personality of its own by using several green leaves pieces. The color is also spot on, as well as the many points of articulation that its legs and arms provide. But perhaps the best part of the build are the eyes and eyebrows – it reminds me of the determined and exaggerated eyes of Earthworm Jim. Plus the bunny… oh I surely hate to be in his fur right now.

Be sure to see the rest of Tyler’s original creation on Flickr to see more fun and wacky LEGO builds. He is also one of the bright, talented minds behind Build Better Bricks together with Sean Mayo. B3 is currently running its latest Mushroom Series inspired by characters and elements from Nintendo so do check it out as well.

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