Skærbæk Fan Weekend Will Celebrate the Arrival of Bikes to Billund Team

skaerbaek fan weekend2015

LEGO holds such a universal appeal to so many people around the world that fan events are almost guaranteed every month somewhere. Of course, some of these occasions are more prominent than others, such as Skærbæk Fan Weekend on LEGO’s own home country of Denmark this weekend.

Skærbæk is a truly international event that’s frequented annually by hundreds of AFOLs from over 25 countries that have taken LEGO into their hearts. Held in the small town from which the event itself takes its name (80 miles south of LEGO-town Billund), its two days of official events that will be preceded by other events as early as Thursday.

Skærbæk Fan Weekend

One such advance event prior to the main Skærbæk Fan Weekend is a big AFOL party back in Billund, at LEGO House. That’s the very same place that serves as the goal for the almost-concluded Bikes to Billund charity race by Brickset and Fairy Bricks.

The bike team is on scheduled to arrive at LEGO House on Thursday, September 27. Not only will they be in time for the party but that they might also be greeted there by a special guest invited by LEGO.

But the real meat of the festivities will be at Skærbæk Fan Weekend on September 29 and 30. Registrations for the event have long closed but it’s already guaranteed to be a blast for the entirety of the LEGO fan community there.

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