LEGO Costumes for AFOLs Now Available at Target Just in Time for Halloween


LEGO, for all the brand recognition muscle its name might bring, doesn’t seem like the first thing in mind when thinking of costumes for Halloween. Still, there is a market for children who want to go as LEGO minifigure characters or even LEGO bricks. And believe it or not, LEGO has obliged these. They’ve got licenses out for official LEGO costumes from its proprietary series like Ninjago to other franchises like the DC heroes in LEGO movies. What’s more, they’re not just for kids. Even grownups can get in the Halloween costume fun too with this recent collection of LEGO costumes for AFOLs or Adult Fans of LEGO.

LEGO Costumes for AFOLs

For those interested, these officially licensed LEGO costumes for AFOLs are from Disguise, and are now available at major retail chain Target. Of the newly released adult-sized costumes, shoppers can choose from blue or yellow 2×4 LEGO bricks, the generic red-shirted LEGO minifigure guy, plus LEGO Batman and LEGO Joker from their hit 2017 film.


The minifigure LEGO costumes come in torso with arms (ending in the distinctive C-hands) and a minifigure head (with eye-painted visor). Prices range from $40 to over $60 each. These LEGO duds from Disguise were timed to celebrate (naturally) all of LEGO’s milestones this 2018, which is also a great way for you to show your love for the brick.

What’s your choice of LEGO props this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.


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