LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263) Finally Confirmed

Winter Village D2C

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if LEGO purposely reveals details of a set to one of its national markets alone, leaving other countries to pick up on it themselves before they make an official announcement later. How many times already did we learn about new sets because of a store flyer or product sighting anywhere from Europe to Korea? As August came to an end, we were treated to teaser details for this year’s LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village. The red telephone close-up hints at an emergency response office. Good guess! A LEGO store flyer from Italy now confirms that this year’s winter village D2C set is the LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263)

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263)

According to the flyer, 2018 will see us getting the LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station (10263). Well, just because a village is covered in snow doesn’t mean fires won’t break out. This upcoming set is a realistic addition for an ever-expanding brick-built village.

Now that we know the set’s name, all that’s left is the eventual reveal scheduled to be on September 9, with its availability slated by October 1. As you can tell from the numbering too, this comes right after the LEGO Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 (10262). The Winter Village Fire station joins the ranks of previous holiday-themed, advanced models sets such as last year’s Winter Village Station (10259)Winter Village Market (10235)Santa’s Workshop (10245)Winter Toy Shop (10249), and the Winter Holiday Train (10254).

Thanks also to Italian LEGO news site Mattonito for sharing this tidbit to the world.

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