LEGO SHOWS in Bahrain Draws Tens of Thousands of Guests


Last month, the little Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain did a great turn for all children and their families in their country and neighbors, by bringing together some of the most powerful child-friendly brands in the world, Cartoon Network and LEGO. From the third week to the end of August, LEGO SHOWS was in town.

LEGO SHOWS was a collaborative effort between The LEGO Group and the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA). This was the first time it was ever held in the country; but in spite, or maybe because, of that reason the event was a massive success.

According to The Daily Tribune – News of Bahrain, visitor counts by the BTEA have recorded more than 26,000 people that came to see LEGO SHOWS during its duration from August 22 to 31. Then again, what children from which country would be able to resist any reason to play with LEGO, from the classics to the specific lines like Duplo, Ninjago, Friends and Star Wars?

“The Lego Shows event received great attendance over a period of 10 days,” noted CEO Shaikh Khaled bin Humood Al Khalifa of BTEA, “Attracting more than 26,000 visitors from the Kingdom and neighbouring GCC countries.”

Bahrain looks to be in the right track with its objective of presenting itself as a place where children of all ages regardless of country of origin can have loads of fun, with the help of a globally trusted name like LEGO. One wonders when the next event will be.

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