New LEGO Star Wars 2-in-1 Super Packs Spotted at CostCo

LEGO Star Wars 2-in-1 Super Packs

The initial wave of 2018 sets for LEGO Star Wars included several battle scene packs that usually comprised several minifigures with props and a brick-built vehicle or two of some sort. They were functional recreations of key fight scenes from the franchise and thus offered more playability than vehicle sets. Lately Star Wars news site Rebelscum has reported the sighting of a special LEGO Star Wars set in warehouse retailer CostCo. Instagrammer YakFace describes it as a LEGO Star Wars 2-in-1 Super Packs, containing a couple of this year’s LEGO Star Wars releases, particularly two Battle Pack sets.

The LEGO Star Wars 2-in-1 Super Packs include Battle Pack sets such as the First Order Specialists Battle Pack (75197) and Tatooine Battle Pack (75198). Also seen are Super Packs containing Jedi and Clone Troopers Battle Pack (75206) and Imperial Patrol Battle Pack (75207). These individual LEGO Star Wars sets each have four minifigures and a central vehicle prop.

Rebelscum believes these Super Packs may be LEGO exclusives available at CostCo, and with the $23.99 asking price, they’re definitely a superior deal than buying the two sets in their separate boxes. LEGO Star Wars fans who have more than enough saved to buy Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) this coming Thursday might consider picking one of these up extra at their nearest CostCo store.

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