UK’s LEGO Store Milton Keynes Closes for a 1-Month Refurbishment

LEGO Store Milton Keynes

While LEGO products have long been available for customers at general and toy-oriented retail chains around the world, the idea of a branded LEGO Store is a fairly recent concept. The first one opened in Cologne, Germany back in 2002, followed by the LEGO Store Milton Keynes in the UK in 2008.

Since the opening of UK’s first LEGO Store a decade ago, there have been lots of LEGO Stores in the United Kingdom, some of which like in London’s Leicester Square have risen in prominence over Milton Keynes. But the first and original LEGO Store Milton Keynes still draws a sense of nostalgia over fans, and as such will be slated for a much needed makeover. That explains the month-long closure of the LEGO Store there.

One other reason for the refurbishment of the LEGO Store Milton Keynes was to bring it up to date with the now-consistent style of all branded LEGO Stores across the globe. The store’s Facebook Events page assures customers that they’ll reopen October 4.

Needless to say perhaps, but The LEGO Group will have a grand reopening event for the LEGO Store Milton Keynes that will run from October 4, a Thursday, all the way to the weekend culminating on Sunday, October 7. And they’ve got freebies waiting for returning customers all those four days.

Until October 7, each first 100 customers of every day that spends at least £15 in LEGO will get a free goody bag. In addition, customers spending a minimum £125 will get a free exclusive LEGO Brand Store (40145) set which first appeared as a LEGO Brand Store opening gift-with-purchase (GWP) set back in 2014. To be exact, there was also a similar GWP set that were released earlier in 2012, with the LEGO Brand Retail Store (3300003). However, it is most likely that most the recent model will be given away once the LEGO Store Milton Keynes opens again, since the LEGO Brand Store (40145) reflects the design elements of later LEGO Stores.

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