LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 Collection Offers An Unconventional Series

As we step into the final quarter of 2023, LEGO fans and minifigure collectors have certainly something to look forward to. The release of the latest LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 collection is certainly making heads turn, and LEGO fans wanting to take a second look.

This year’s selection is surely turning heads for all the right reasons, with its intriguing assortment of accessories and characters that defy minifigure convention.

Meet the Unique Cast of Characters of LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 Collection

For the last quarter of the year, LEGO has introduced seven brand-new characters to their LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 lineup, and these unique minifigures have already started making appearances at BAM stations in LEGO stores worldwide.

What sets this collection apart is the quirky, one-of-a-kind accessories that accompany each character, making it a must-have for LEGO minifigure collectors.

Exploring the New LEGO BAM Characters

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting additions to the LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 collection:

1. Hagrid’s Golden Beard-Wearing Merman

lego build a minifigure 2023 q4

One of the standout figures in this collection is the enigmatic Hagrid’s Golden Beard-Wearing Merman. This character combines the iconic beard of Hagrid, the beloved LEGO Harry Potter character, with the underwater charm of a merman. It’s a whimsical fusion of two distinct LEGO themes.

2. The Acorn Farmer

lego build a minifigure 2023 q4

Another delightful addition to the Q4 2023 BAM collection is the “Acorn Farmer.” This character represents the perfect blend of fun and fantasy. With a rustic appearance and a whimsical touch, the Acorn Farmer is a testament to LEGO’s creativity.

3. The Dapper Gentleman

lego build a minifigure 2023 q4

Picture this – a dashing minifigure in a sharp tuxedo, complete with a top hat and an elegant umbrella. This LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 character exudes sophistication and class. With his suave attire and the air of a true gentleman, he’s ready to make a grand entrance into any LEGO creation.

4. Little Girl – The Versatile Dreamer

little girl ballerina

This Little Girl minifigure is a bundle of creativity and imagination. Dressed in a vibrant ballerina dress and sporting a biking helmet, she’s proof of the power of playful dreams. With her versatile attire, she can be a graceful ballerina one moment and a fearless cyclist the next.

5. Outdoor Photographer

outdoor photographer

For those who have an eye for beauty and a love for the outdoors, the Outdoor Photographer is the perfect LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 character to add to your collection. This female minifigure with long curly hair and a head cover is equipped with all the essentials – a camera and a sense of wonder.

6. Little Boy – The Playful Explorer

lego build a minifigure 2023 q4

The Little Boy minifigure brings a touch of youthful playfulness to the LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 collection. He’s armed with a slingshot and wears a sweatshirt adorned with a printed popsicle stick. This character is all about adventures in the great outdoors, encouraging your LEGO figures to explore, discover, and have fun.

7. Female Baker Chef

lego build a minifigure 2023 q4

If you have a passion for all things culinary, the Female Baker Chef minifigure is your new favorite. Whether she’s whipping up delectable pastries or crafting mouthwatering creations, she’s the secret ingredient to your LEGO culinary adventures.

Following Previous LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Trends

This LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 collection follows the footsteps of the September Halloween BAM selection, which introduced three captivating characters. As we approach the year’s end, we can’t help but wonder if there will be a surprise Christmas or Seasonal release similar in scale to the one we experienced last year.

How to Get Your Hands on These LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 Characters

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a LEGO store or a Certified LEGO retailer, keep your eyes peeled for the new LEGO BAM characters. These extraordinary minifigures can be assembled at the Build A Minifigure Station in-store or found prepackaged in either the classic plastic clamshells or the newly introduced cardboard BAM boxes.

The LEGO Build a Minifigure 2023 Q4 collection is a breath of fresh air, offering LEGO minifig collectors a chance to acquire minifigures that break the mold. With their unconventional characters and distinctive accessories, these minifigures are bound to become collector’s items.

Are you looking to bring home this new LEGO BAM collection? Let me know what you think of this new series in the comments below.

LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween 2023 Collection Revealed!

The eagerly awaited LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween 2023 collection has arrived, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to certified Australian LEGO Store, Bricks Megastore, we can now dive into the details of this fun, minifigure lineup.

Unveiling the LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween 2023 Trio

An Australian Certified Store has recently unveiled an enticing listing for a trio of new LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween pieces, priced at $19.99 AUD. These minifigures are now available for online orders, exclusively catering to Australian customers as of press time. While these fun and costumed minifigures may have already made appearances in select stores, it is just now that we are seeing their official images. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Jack o’ Lantern Gets its LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween Character

Halloween would be incomplete without the iconic Jack o’ Lantern, and this minifigure does justice to the tradition. Fitted with a pumpkin head, LEGO’s minifigure version of him is all set to venture into the eerie pumpkin fields.

lego build a minifigure halloween

Notably, his pumpkin head conceals a lantern, although it’s devoid of an actual light source. Adding to the spooky charm, Jack o’ Lantern boasts a unique ‘Happy Halloween’ torso print, ensuring a complete festive, Halloween look that’s bound to be a fun addition to your LEGO collectible minifigures.

Halloween Party-Goers Given the LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween Treatment

While the other two minifigures may not scream Halloween at first glance, they are perfectly suited for a Halloween party theme. One of them sports classic animal ears, a timeless choice for last-minute partygoers. It also comes with a saxophone element, hinting at the musical inclinations of this minifigure character.


The second minifigure wears a tree trunk costume, a feat that undoubtedly required a considerable amount of time to assemble in real life. It’s also great to see LEGO’s usual attention to detail as this minifigure character comes with a new green watering can peace, hinting that he might have nurtured the tree himself.

lego build a minifigure halloween


Whether you prefer to assemble these fun LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween collection yourself, or acquire them as a pre-packaged trio, you’re in luck. Most LEGO Stores now offer these options, allowing you to select and build your own minifigure versions that celebrate the fun of Halloween.

The LEGO Build a Minifigure Halloween 2023 collection promises to be a fun addition to your costumed LEGO minifigure lineup. With a mix of classic Halloween elements and party-themed characters, these minifigures are sure to enhance your Halloween brick-building festivities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring these spooky yet delightful minifigures into your LEGO world. Check them out in the LEGO Store nearest you.

WATCH: Where Can You Find the Hardest To Reach LEGO Store?

The LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) has just been revealed and to celebrate the occasion, LEGO dares us to travel what it refers to as the hardest to reach LEGO Store in the world. Well, that is for two highly competitive adventurers willing to take on the college.

Where Can You Find the Hardest to Reach LEGO Store?

The scene is somewhere in the remote Scottish Highlands, where two of the most adventurous travelers go head-to-head to be the first to land at the hardest to reach LEGO Store on the planet.

As you can see, it’s not the typical LEGO Store that we are used to. The LEGO Group came up with the idea of placing a brightly colored yellow Land Rover on top of the Scottish Highlands (complete with its iconic logo and signboard) and see who will be able to first reach this remote location.

It’s a showdown between two fierce adventurers – Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, as she takes on Aldo Kane, a native Scottish explorer and extreme locations expert, in a thrilling competition to reach the remote LEGO Store and build the new set. Watch this.


It’s a pretty cool marketing ad actually, keeping in line with the sense of awe and adventure that comes with the Land Rover brand. And now that we have another building set to celebrate the adventurer in us in the form of this latest brick-built offering, it’s time to grab those bricks again and embark on your very own building adventure.

10317 Lifestyle 01

The LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 (10317) is slated to arrive in (actual) LEGO Stores starting April 4, 2023. For more information, visit

Early Look at LEGO Build-a-Minifigure 2023 Characters

The LEGOLAND Japan Twitter Account gives us an early look at 13 new LEGO Build-a-Minifigure 2023 characters scheduled (or BAM for short) to be available sometime in the first quarter of the next year. As most of you are aware, this unique selection of minifigures is quite different from what LEGO usually offers with its LEGO Collectible Minifigures or CMF. LEGO BAM characters are in-store exclusives and are offered 4 times a year in LEGO brand stores as a strategy to attract more customers.

And thanks to an early reveal by LEGOLAND Japan, we can now see what’s in store in this Q1 offering. Take a look.

I have to say that this LEGO Build-a-Minifigure 2023 series is a pretty impressive collection – with LEGO throwing in plenty of rare accessories, exclusive parts, and even recolored ones. I’m happy to see that there are plenty of costumed minifigures, some of which whose accessories are included in prior CMF series. We have a ship costume, for example, a redesigned crayon costume, a recolored brick suit guy, and even a new strawberry shortcake costume as well. The Panda Suit guy and the blue rabbit accessories also hint that these are designed with the Chinese New Year in mind, with 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit.

LEGO Build-a-Minifigure 2023

LEGO BAM Q1 2022 2

LEGO BAM Q1 2022 3

LEGO BAM Q1 2022 4

There’s no word yet on when they will be exactly available, but our best guess is next month as well, along side LEGO’s January 2023 releases. Whatever is the case, be sure to check with your local LEGO Stores for its upcoming release schedule.

Special thanks to Jay’s Brick Blog for the heads up.

Build and Take Home a Frankenstein Head at LEGO Branded Stores Next Week

We’re just about to wind up the month of October, and followers of holidays know what that means. Yep, Halloween 2022 is just a mere two Mondays from now. And while LEGO already has some Halloween-themed goodies lined up, there’s still more in store. Ah, “in store”. Speaking of which, LEGO Brand Stores all over have their own little event to celebrate All Hallows’ with. As The Brick Fan would have it, this is another in-store free-build opportunity for young LEGO builders. And the “spooky” build for this year will be the head of a famous and classic movie monster.

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday, October 26-27, build a LEGO Frankenstein’s Monster to take home! Starting at 5PM local time on LEGO Branded Stores near you, get a chance to create Frankie with your kids. Yeah, that late afternoon timeslot makes for a Halloween-y feel before October 31 itself. These LEGO Stores will have limited materials each day to provide visitors for building Frankenstein’s Monster. Only those who have completed their builds can take them home, and the freebies can’t be conventionally purchased. It also means participating guests are first come, first served at their local LEGO Branded Store.

LEGO Stores Mexico Provides Clearer Image of LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478)

The Magic (in Mini form) is real. For Disney fans and LEGO collectors who feel the Disney Castle set (71040) is too big, they have an alternative. It comes in the form of LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478), recently confirmed. LEGO even had an image of the box packaging in its official documentation. Of course, being found on a PDF, said image was too small and blurry when blown up. Luckily a better image of the set has surfaced, and from Mexico of all sources.

A big shout-out to Brick Fanatics for catching a recent social media post featuring the Mini Disney Castle. LEGO Stores Mexico posted it on their official Instagram page this past September 6. We get to see the fully-built LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) with its included Mickey Mouse minifigure. Superimposed on the picture to one side is the box. The promo image’s Spanish slogans translate: “Your favorite castle in miniature,” and “Look forward to it soon.” Gee, the photo tells more but the text keeps mum on further info.

What we know now

Thanks to the clearer image from LEGO Stores Mexico, we can at least discern some new details.  The mini castle, like its bigger 71040 original, sits on a black base. Some colors are different since Disney World likes to repaint their central structure once in a while. Finally, the Mickey Mouse minifigure is actually a bit different from the one with set 71040. The older version had yellow highlights on his tuxedo; this one doesn’t.

The 404 number on LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) has hinted that this would be a gift-with-purchase. LEGO Stores Mexico however commented on its IG post that it will launch at their stores. There’s a possibility that it could be both, depending on whether it was store-bought or gotten from LEGO Shop@Home. Again, we wait until LEGO gives more clarification.

LEGO Store July 2021 Promotional Calendar Now Up

The LEGO Store July 2021 Promotional Calendar has now been uploaded, with plenty of exciting promotional items to be offered next month. Front and center of next month’s calendar feature the upcoming LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar (10282), slated to be released on July 1st. Let’s take a close look at these promotional items.

Free LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486)

Promo valid from July 1 to 14, 2021

free adidas 07 July Calendar US Page 1 40486 1 1

It’s great to hear that a smaller, more adorable version of set 10282 will be available in the form of a free LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486). The good thing is, it is not strictly offered as a tie-in freebie together with its larger cousin, but will be added to your cart automatically when your single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products reaches $85 and more, or while supplies last. Just be sure to avail of this promo right away starting July 1st since it is expected that this item will be quite popular among LEGO fans.


Free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute (40410)

Promo valid from July 12 to 18, 2021

free charles 07 July Calendar US Page 1


In a rather puzzling move, LEGO opted to return one of its seasonal offerings from last year. From July 12 to 18, LEGO fans whose qualifying purchase equals $150 or more will get a free LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute (40410) set. So in case you missed out on this promo last November, now is the best time to get this set. And if you will plan your next LEGO purchases accordingly, you may even land a chance of getting this set plus the LEGO Mini Adidas Originals Superstar (40486) July 12 to 15 (while supplies last of course).


Free LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box  (30414) or LEGO City Skater (30568)

Promo valid from July 16 to 25, 2021

free friends city 07 July Calendar US Page 1

LEGO is offering a choose your gift promo for those who will make their next LEGO purchase from July 16 to 25. Qualifying purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 or more will qualify you to select one promotional item, a choice between the LEGO Friends Emma’s Magical Box (30414) or LEGO City Skater (30568). Any of these polybags is a great way to expand your Friends or City collection. And with a relatively low price point of $40, it’s a freebie that’s not hard to miss.


Free LEGO VIP Blue Key Chain (854090)

Promo valid from June 1 to December 31, 2021 

854090 1

First-time LEGO VIP members will be treated with their first LEGO VIP gift in the form of the exclusive LEGO VIP Blue Key Chain (854090).  This offer is valid when you sign-up to become a VIP member online at throughout the 2nd half of 2021.


It seems that LEGO has invested a lot of these promotional items for July. And this is somewhat expected since there are plenty of new LEGO sets that were currently released. We have the LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327) to give an example and the latest wave of upcoming LEGO Monkie Kid sets slated to be released in July. What is on your LEGO wishlist for next month? Let us know in the comments below.

ICYMI: May 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Out Now

In case you missed it, the May 2021 LEGO Store Calendar has already been released online, and obviously, it’s all about LEGO Star Wars. And though we’re about t to conclude this year’s largest Star Wars marketing event, we still have a few hours left to take this May the 4th opportunity and all the LEGO freebies that it offers. Check out this month’s LEGO Store Calendar below.


Free Collectible LEGO Star Wars Tatooine Homestead (40451)

40451 1

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this year’s May the 4th commemorative LEGO freebie is still up. You can still grab the Tatooine Homestead (40451) micro-build if you will make your next LEGO Star Wars purchase right now. Your single-receipt LEGO Star Wars purchase worth $85 will entitle you to a free copy of this brick-built mini diorama.


Free Imperial Shuttle (30388) Polybag

30388 1

Those who will opt to visit their nearest LEGO brand store will also be in for a treat. Because every single purchase of any LSW product made in-store worth $40, the Imperial Shuttle (30388) polybag will be added to your cart for free.


Free LEGO DOTS Mini Frame (30556)

30556 1

And if you still have a checklist of LEGO must-haves outside of the LEGO Star Wars theme, then LEGO is adding another incentive to your next LEGO purchase. For every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO sets or products worth $35 and more, you’ll get a free LEGO DOTS Mini Frame (30556). This promotional item is available from April 26 until May 9 this weekend. It may not exactly be your cup of tea but as a free LEGO set, it is still very much welcomed.

Speaking about other themes, there are certainly a lot of diverse new LEGO sets out there that deserve a second look. And in case you haven’t checked them yet, you may want to take a look at the latest LEGO Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) for example, or the latest line of LEGO Harry Potter sets, and even the LEGO Vidiyo sets and Bandmates to name a few.

The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Encourages Builders To Go Beyond

The April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar is now out, inspiring LEGO fans to capture the wonders of the galaxy with its commemorative LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283) set. As I’ve reported before, this latest LEGO and NASA collaboration is expected to arrive in LEGO brand stores and at LEGO Shop@Home this April. Check out the details below.

Other than the arrival of the LEGO NASA SSD set, LEGO is throwing in its usual set of freebies for April. We’re probably aware of them already since they’ve been around this month. But in case you still don’t have them, these seasonal freebies are still around until next week.

LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449)

232 pieces | Valued at $12.99 

This promotional set is available until April 5, 2021, and will be added automatically to your cart once your single-receipt LEGO purchase reaches $60 and more.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


LEGO Easter Egg Chick (30579)

52 pieces | Valued at $4.99

The polybag freebie is yours for every single-receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $40 and above. This offer is valid until April 5, 2021.

April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar


Other than these promotional items, LEGO will also be offering another freebie in the form of the LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556). This 85-piece polybag set measures 20 x 19.5 x 1 cm and is a great desktop accessory to capture those picture-perfect moments. This offer is available from April 26 to May 9 and will be added to your shopping cart automatically once your LEGO purchase reaches $35 and above.

LEGO DOTS Miniframe (30556)

85 pieces | Available from April 26 to May 9, 2021

30556 1


In-store activities are still obviously missing from our April 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, but there are still a lot of sets to be excited for next month. Other than the LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery (10283), we also have the arrival of the LEGO Marvel Carnage (76199) helmet set and the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh (21326) to look forward to.

Happy building everyone and stay safe!

LOOK: LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449) Official Images

The LEGO Store Calendar for March 2021 has already been released, and if you recall, one of the promotional items that we can expect in the second half of this month is the LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House (40449). Though the image that we have previously was less than desirable, we now have a few official images where we can see the finer details of this seasonal set.

LEGO Easter Bunny's Carrot House

To be precise, you can expect to have this limited-edition LEGO Easter Bunny’s Carrot House added to your cart when your next single-receipt LEGO purchase reaches $60 or more. Valued at $12.99, this promotional gift-with-purchase (GWP) set will be available starting March 15 to April 5 or until supplies last.

40449 alt1

The build features a carrot-inspired house and a minibuild of a gray Easter bunny. Despite being relatively small, the carrot house is packed with details (though made up of stickers I think) in its interiors, with several Easter eggs adorning its garden. As an added treat, LEGO designers placed a hidden easter egg on top of the carrot house’s door for a bit of an Easter egg hunt surprise.

LEGO Easter Bunny's Carrot House

And in case you missed it, there is another promotional item that I think will be quite popular among LEGO collectors. In celebration of International Woman’s Day next week, LEGO will be offering another promo in the form of the LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450). This promotional freebie will be up from March 6 to 14 or while supplies last. Considering the details on this set and the first-ever Amelia Earhart minifigure that goes with it, you can expect that this GWP item will be quite popular among LEGO fans.

So better be ready with your LEGO wishlist this month and make sure that you plan your next LEGO purchase promptly. And for new LEGO sets available this March over at LEGO Shop@Home, be sure to check them out right here.