Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory Features a Custom LEGO Brickfast

custom LEGO brickfast

This past Monday began the last stretch of the CBS sitcom that, from 2007, has managed to endear itself to television audiences: The Big Bang Theory. September 24 was the premiere of the show’s twelfth and final season, and promises to (figuratively) go out like the explosion in its title. Why are we talking about this? That’s because part of the plot for S12 – Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory offers a big shout-out to LEGO. The reference can’t get any louder when the episode starts with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) greeting Amy (Mayim Bialik) in the morning with a custom LEGO brickfast in bed.


Oh yes – the plate on Sheldon’s hand contained the usual custom LEGO brickfast of AFOL Champions: with bacon, eggs and pancakes made entirely of LEGO bricks, as confirmed by Bialik in her blog, mentioning that it was probably put together by an anonymous production staff builder.

That’s not the end of it though. Recall that Sheldon and Amy are on honeymoon at this point, and they’re going to have it at…wait for it…LEGOLAND Resort New York! Funny thing is that the theme park on Goshen, NY shouldn’t be open until 2020. And the visit’s off-screen, too.

big bang theory lego billboard

LEGO and The Big Bang Theory have been in a real awesome partnership ever since LEGO Ideas churned out a (now-retired) set based on the sitcom (21302). Then in 2017 the show along with some of its fellow Warner Bros. TV productions received brick-built billboards courtesy of LEGO. That’s cool.

Here’s hoping we get more TBBT-LEGO shenanigans before the sitcom’s grand finale sometime next year.

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