Designer Video for LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) Now Up for Viewing


It was one of the most unique submissions to the LEGO Ideas platform in months past; and when its finally got announced as an official set, the Pop-Up Book (21315) was a big hit that left collectors in heavy anticipation for its impending release. Being able to play-act two fairy tales on the set’s been one of its major draws.

And in the grand tradition of significant LEGO set releases, the awaited and inevitable designer video to the “Once Upon a Brick” Pop-Up Book set (21315) was put up this Thursday, October 25 on YouTube, giving fans a good look at its nitty-gritty building details.

LEGO designers Wes Talbott (Senior) and Crystal Marie Fontan (Graphics) serve as hosts to this video, as they talk about the conversion from the product idea developed by Jason Alleman and Grant Davis into the final Ideas set. Or rather, they explain how there was really little they needed to change towards the end product.

While the LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book is officially coming out on the first day of November, Oregon-area LEGO fans can take advantage of the autograph signing event with the original Ideas builders “JKBrickworks” Alleman and Davis (whose names are referred to in the set itself).

They’re going to be waiting for all fans at the LEGO Store in Washington Square Center this Saturday, October 27, 11 AM PDT – 3 PM.

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