New 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Sets Spotted

It looks like LEGO still has plans for its collectible BrickHeadz line for next year. Eurobricks member Dreamshade shared several images of what seems to be a batch of new 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz seasonal sets that were spotted in the wild. These three new LEGO BrickHeadz sets were seen on an undisclosed store shelf, all of which celebrates the seasonal highlights of the first half of the year.

First off, we have the LEGO BrickHeadz Bear (40379) just in time for Valentine’s Day. Similar to this year’s LEGO BrickHeadz Puppy (40349), next year’s Hearts’ Day LEGO BrickHeadz comes with a heart-shaped plate and several heart-shaped tiles. Plus the build is just adorable and would easily pass as a brick-built substitute for an actual teddy bear.

2020 LEGO BrickHeadz

A couple of similarly inspired LEGO BrickHeadz sets were also spotted – the LEGO BrickHeadz Bride (40383) and Groom (40384). From what we can see from their box art, it seems that this couple can be customized with several shades of skin tones similar to the LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me (41597). It comes with plenty of extra parts and accessories to allow for further customization.

2020 LEGO BrickHeadz

It was also revealed at the back of the LEGO BrickHeadz Bear box art that two more seasonal sets are lined up for 2020. We see a LEGO BrickHeadz Lucky Cat (40436) in celebration of the Chinese New Year, and a LEGO BrickHeadz Sheep (40380) as one of LEGO’s Easter-inspired sets.

Since the LEGO BrickHeadz Bride (40383), Groom (40384), and Bear (40379) have now appeared in some stores, we can assume that they are all included in LEGO’s repertoire of 2020 releases. The Lucky Cat (40436) may also have a January street date in time for next year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, and February for the Sheep (40380) as part of LEGO’s easter releases. I’m quite certain that this is just the initial wave of 2020 LEGO BrickHeadz releases, and we can expect more to come as revealed earlier this year by LEGO BrickHeadz Lead Designer Marcos Bessa.


LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper (75232) Now Available at LEGO Shop@Home

News along the brick pipes a few weeks ago made mention of another pair of LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars set that ties up with the epic conclusion of the Skywalker saga. In fact, the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren &  Sith Trooper (75232) dual pack were even spotted on some store shelves early in September – almost a month before its scheduled debut for Triple Force Friday.

Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper (75232)

For those who were not fortunate enough to catch this set in September, then you might be pleased to know that LEGO Shop@Home has already listed the Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) dual pack and is available for purchase for $19.99 USD. The set comes in at 240 pieces and features a meaner version of Kylo with his roughly restored helmet together with an equally menacing, blood-red version of the infamous Sith Trooper. This is the second BrickHeadz version of the wayward Ben Solo, with the first being a part of another dual pack released two years ago in the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Rey & Kylo Ren (41489).

Read on for the full product description of the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren &  Sith Trooper (75232), together with some official images. As if you haven’t purchased this set yet and is seriously considering to add them to your BrickHeadz collection, then do us a favor by making your purchases through the following affiliate link.

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper (75232)

Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper (75232) Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper (75232)

Build and display legendary Star Wars™ villains Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and a Sith Trooper. This LEGO® BrickHeadz™ 75232 set features brick-built versions of the characters from the blockbuster Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie, plus fun details like Kylo’s signature Lightsaber and helmet, and the Sith Trooper’s weapon and unique red armor. Fans can also mount these LEGO Star Wars building toy construction characters on the included baseplates to show their devotion to the mighty First Order.

  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Star Wars™ building toys feature lots of authentic details from the blockbuster Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie, including Kylo’s signature Lightsaber, cape and helmet, and the Sith Trooper’s weapon and unique red armor.
  • LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction characters come with their own buildable collector’s baseplate.
  • Each LEGO® Star Wars™ figure stands over 2” (7cm) tall.
  • Baseplates each measure over 1” (4cm) square.

Seasonal LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) Revealed

After the announcement of this year’s sweet Winter Village set, LEGO is bringing in more Christmas cheers with another seasonal set coming from its collectible BrickHeadz line. This has been in our radar for the past couple of weeks since the reveal of the LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) last month. However, it’s nice to finally see some crisp, clear images of this 3-character set that will add up to that festive holiday spirit. Check out these official images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) set.

Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353)

I like this set personally since it’s a great set to display together with last year’s similarly themed LEGO BrickHeadz Mr. & Mrs. Claus (40274). And in case you missed out on this set, you’ll be glad to know that this is still available at LEGO Shop@Home. The LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) set features three character builds which is a first in this particular theme. It also comes with a couple of accessories such as a red mailbox with a nice Mr. Claus BrickHeadz print and a signpost. Traditionally, LEGO BrickHeadz sets usually come with printed pieces. However, a closer look at the signposts shows that this set uses stickers as well. I’m not really the type to nitpick on this but I guess all of us will agree that it will be way better to have printed LEGO parts instead. Nevertheless, this set will be a great way to jumpstart your next Christmas-inspired LEGO decor project.

Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353)

The LEGO BrickHeadz Reindeer, Elf & Elfie (40353) comes in at 281 pieces and is expected to retail for $19.99. Be sure to keep tabs with us to know more on when this set will be available. Thanks to Brick Fanatics for the tip.


Image source: Mir-Kubikov

Build Your Own Collection of LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes and Villains With These Books

LEGO BrickHeadz is still going strong and with the recent reveal of the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232), we can still expect that LEGO still has more plans for these brick collectibles. I guess part of the appeal with this theme is the fact that the design follows a prescribed format that allows you to recreate any of your favorite pop icons into a standard LEGO BrickHeadz. With a bit of experimenting with your own LEGO bricks, you can even come up with any BrickHeadz character that you want. This is the principle behind these collections of books written by Charles Pritchett – the unofficial guide of building your own LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes and Villains.

I first stumbled upon Charles’ works when I was casually browsing Brickset’s listing of available LEGO books. His Building LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes Volume One: The Unofficial Guide, and its counterpart that allows you to build a collection of BrickHeadz villains, immediately caught my attention. I am impressed with the excellent custom LEGO BrickHeadz sets that he was able to come up, especially when it included some of my favorite Marvel and DC characters. The best part of it is that he makes the building instructions for these MOCs available for everyone. You simply need to search through your collection of LEGO bricks to see if you have the parts needed to build your favorite heroes and villains. Since your working with a LEGO BrickHeadz, you can easily look for a substitute part if in case you don’t have the prescribed LEGO piece mentioned in assembling the build.

As of this posting, Charles offers three volumes on how to build his custom LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes and Villains all of which you can purchase via Amazon. You may click on the following links if you wish to know more about these books.

Building LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes – Volume One: The Unofficial Guide 

Readers will find detailed, full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions on how to build the following characters:

  • Ant-Man
  • Beast Boy
  • Daredevil
  • Deadpool
  • Green Lantern John Stewart
  • Gwenpool
  • Robin
  • Starfire
  • Thor
  • Wolverine
Building LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes – Volume Two: The Unofficial Guide 

In this follow-up book, building instructions for the following characters are included:

  • Black Panther
  • Cyclops
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
  • The Invisible Woman
  • The Human Torch
  • Mister Fantastic
  • Raven
  • Shazam
  • The Thing
Building LEGO BrickHeadz Villains – Volume One: The Unofficial Guide 

LEGO BrickHeadz Heroes and Villains

And of course, our ensemble of custom comic book LEGO BrickHeadz will not be complete without our heroes’ archenemies. This volume highlights 10 most famous villains and how to give them that LEGO BrickHeadz twist.

  • Deathstroke
  • Green Goblin
  • Harley Quinn
  • Loki
  • Mysterio
  • Red Skull
  • Rhino
  • Sandman
  • Two Face
  • Weather Wizard

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) Spotted in the Wild

Another store employee made a bit of slip-up revealing a quite unexpected surprise. We’re just counting the weeks before the launch of Star Wars’ Triple Force Friday and it seems that LEGO is already prepared for it as well. In fact, from the reveal of this year’s highly polarizing  UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (75252) to LEGO’s Triple Force Friday gift-with-purchase set, everything is gradually falling into place. And having LEGO sets placed as early as now on Target shelves in spite of the embargo is part of the plan as well (I guess). LEGO eagle-eyed fan made a rather interesting discovery that is putting the LEGO Star Wars fandom in a frenzy. He snapped a photo of what looks like a new pair of bundled BrickHeadz in the form of the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) spotted in an undisclosed Target store in Texas.

Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232)

This new LEGO BrickHeadz dual pack features Kylo Ren (#94) in a damaged helmet and the new crimson Sith Trooper (#95), as they will be revealed in The Rise of Skywalker later this year. The set clocks in at 240 pieces and is expected to retail for $24.99 USD. This is the second time that Kylo gets the BrickHeadz treatment as part of a double-pack set, the first being the LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Rey and Kylo Ren Limited Edition Collectors Pack (41489). It’s quite unsure if we will see the option of having this new iteration of Kylo and the new Sith Trooper sold separately. Also from the looks of things, seeing this new pair of LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz is a good indicator that LEGO still has faith in the popularity of these brick collectibles amidst rumors of the theme’s eventual cancellation which has always been hanging overhead.

Now before you rush into your local Target store, be aware that these are probably placed by mistake by an unsuspecting store employee, and sales of this set are still probably on hold until Triple Force Friday dawns on October 4. In fact, this LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren and Sith Trooper (75232) double-pack will not be available for sale until such time, unless you stumble upon this on eBay.

So what do you think about this new LEGO BrickHeadz set? Will you add this your cart once it is available? Let me know what you think about this.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Bumble Bee (40270) Is Buzzing Again This Time As a LEGO Store Promotional

Here’s your chance to catch the seasonal LEGO BrickHeadz Bumble Bee (40270) once more in case you missed it. Though it is still listed for sale at LEGO Shop@Home for the usual 10 bucks, this set now comes as a freebie for every qualifying purchase of any LEGO products worth $65 and more.

LEGO BrickHeadz Bumble Bee (40270)

This promotional is available both in-store and online starting August 26 until September 8 or until supplies last. This 140-piece seasonal BrickHeadz set first appeared in 2018 just in time for Valentine’s Day. It features a bright yellow BrickHeadz bee with movable wings, a detachable heart decor, a pot of honey and a couple of flower elements.

LEGO BrickHeadz Bumble Bee (40270)

Build your way to someone’s heart with this cute LEGO® BrickHeadz™ construction character. Check out its cute pink cheeks, movable wings, detachable heart decoration, pot of honey and flowers. It also comes with a buildable collector’s baseplate with a seasonal calendar and BrickHeadz logo.

BrickHeadz™ Bumble Bee (item 40270) offer is valid on and at LEGO Stores. Offer valid from 08/26/19 through 11:59pm EST, 09/08/19 or while supplies last only. Qualifying purchase must be equal to or greater than $65 / 1200 (MXN) in merchandise only; any applicable taxes, shipping charges, or value of gift cards purchased do not apply to merchandise total. Offer excludes Bricks & Pieces and backorder items. Cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with any other discount, offer or free gift. One free set per household. Item is valued at approximately at $9.99 (US) / $12.99 (CA) / 199.0 (MXN) retail value and cannot be exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value. Item is available exclusively through this offer; additional sets cannot be purchased. Offers not valid at LEGOLAND® Parks or LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. The LEGO Group reserves the right to cancel or modify these promotions at any time without advance notice.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Bumble Bee (40270) promotional follows another freebie that LEGO offers for the month of September. The LEGO Seasonal Year of the Pig (40186) is also returning as a gift-with-purchase set, together with the LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Juice Bar (40336), and as well the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander set.

LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352) Revealed

After unveiling this year’s Halloween-inspired LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351), we now have another seasonal set to watch out for just in time for Thanksgiving. This came in as a surprise actually, and thanks to Promobricks we now have a closer look at the LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352).

Scarecrow (40352)

If you recall, the box art of the recent LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost and those after it featured a gap between their respective box numbers, leading us to think that there is another set that is included in this seasonal series. As it turns out, we have another BrickHeadz set slated for release just before the holiday-themed triple pack LEGO BrickHeadz  Reindeer, Elf, and Elfie (40353) arrives.

Scarecrow (40352) Scarecrow (40352)

Other than these images, we’re yet to see the piece count for the LEGO BrickHeadz Scarecrow (40352). Like other BrickHeadz in its category, we can expect it to retail for $9.99 USD once it arrives in October just in time for Thanksgiving. For this year, we already saw the LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Puppy (40349) and Easter Chick (40350) which are both currently available.

To know what’s up and currently available in the LEGO BrickHeadz theme, be sure to check with LEGO Shop@Home or at your local LEGO Store. Thanks once again to Promobricks for the heads-up.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) Is An Early Halloween Treat

Following the trend of LEGO BrickHeadz seasonal sets and the promise of more BrickHeadz sets to come in future, LEGO has now updated its servers to include a couple of official images of its next signature brick collectibles. We now have a look at the next seasonal set to arrive in LEGO Stores in September – the LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351).

LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351)

The LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) comes in at 136 pieces and is expected to retail for $9.99 USD. This new seasonal set follows the Easter Chick (40350) which is still available at LEGO Shop@Home if you’re still interested in adding this to your collection. I like how this Ghost turned out, with all the challenges of creating a recognizable character (in this case, with all the curves and design challenges of this Ghost figure) and adopting the distinct BrickHeadz style to it, I have to say that it’s not an easy feat. It was also nice of LEGO to throw in some specific Halloween-themed parts such as the pumpkin head and the bat figure.

I’m also looking forward to this year’s holiday-inspired BrickHeadz which is the Reindeer, Elf and Elfie (40353). Its a sort of a megapack if I may use the word where you can get 3 characters in 1 set. This will be most likely available sometime in October or early November. For the rest of sets under the LEGO BrickHeadz theme, be sure to check out LEGO’s online store.

LEGO BrickHeadz Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb (75232) Rumored for 2020

The LEGO BrickHeadz theme had its share of ups and downs since its debut three years ago, and it looks like it’s on its way for another comeback in 2020. Thanks to the eagle-eyed scouts of Star Wars fan site Rebelscum, we are now convinced that a LEGO BrickHeadz Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb (75232) set is now on its way.

Jabba the hut 1

Rebelscum gathered the pieces of evidence to see if they point to this possibility, starting with third-party retailer Amazon France. Now it can be argued that this particular listing does not really say or hint anything about the famed Hutt crime lord coming to the LEGO BrickHeadz theme. However, a closer look at the set’s piece count (coming in at 240 pieces) and box dimensions (19.1 x 14.1 x 7.1 cm) suggest that this upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz set will be a dual pack, similar to what LEGO released in the past. Prominent twin-packs in the Star Wars subtheme of the LEGO BrickHeadz line include the Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite (41498) set released as an SDCC 2017 exclusive, and the Luke Skywalker and Yoda (41627) released last year.

Salacious Crumb 1

And on what could be the most convincing piece of evidence that suggests that a LEGO BrickHeadz Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb (75232) set is happening is from the theme’s lead LEGO designer himself, Marcos Bessa. In an interview at the LEGO Innovation House in May last year, Marcos made mention of  “a certain lizard creature-ish bad guy” was in the works at that time. Eventually, challenges on how to re-create its “weird form” which is quite the “opposite of the proportions of what the Brickheadz are,” have now been hurdled. I know this slight reveal is unintentional on the part of Marcos, but considering the specific details that he gave back then, I couldn’t help but think of Jabba as the most likely candidate.

Jabba and Salacious Crumb 1

Whatever is the case the LEGO BrickHeadz theme is still holding on, and with more licensed names poised to be included in its ever-growing line, I wouldn’t mind if a LEGO BrickHeadz Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb (75232) set will be added to the mix. For the meantime, be sure the check out the rest of the LEGO BrickHeadz currently available at LEGO Shop@Home.

Special thanks to Rui Miguel Anacleto for these cool LEGO BrickHeadz MOC digital renders of Jabba and Crumb. For more outstanding LEGO Star Wars  MOCs, be sure to check out Rui’s Flickr page.

Are We To See More LEGO BrickHeadz Sets in 2020?

Fans of the 3-inch tall, brick-collectibles may soon have more reasons to be glad in 2020. The LEGO BrickHeadz theme had its share of highs and lows since it was introduced in 2016. At that time, the majority of LEGO fans were quite divided on how they should appreciate the blocky, bobblehead-like replicas of their favorite LEGO characters – whether they were original LEGO characters or licensed ones. It also came to the extent where this theme was rumored to be ending in 2019 due to reported underwhelming sales. However, the tide seems to have turned when in December last year, LEGO surprisingly announced 8 new BrickHeadz to watch out for in 2019.

LEGO BrickHeadz
This most recent LEGO BrickHeadz overview guide is courtesy of the LEGO BrickHeadz Community Facebook page.

Now that the majority of the 2019 LEGO BrickHeadz were already revealed, and with Lady Liberty (40367) as the most recent offering, fans are now pondering the nagging question once again: are we really seeing the end of this unique LEGO theme? Well actually, the answer may be quite the opposite.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Lady Liberty (40367) is set to be released on June 1, 2019.

In a most recent interview by Zusammengebaut’s Andres Lehman together with LEGO BrickHeadz creator and designer Marcos Bessa, the latter has confirmed that there are still plenty of these blocky collectibles being worked in the pipeline just in time for their debut in 2020.

Marcos Bessa, the creative mind behind the unique design of the LEGO BrickHeadz theme. Photo courtesy of The Straits Times.

Andres was fortunate enough to meet Marcos at the 2019 LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund to discuss the future of this LEGO theme. Marcos eventually revealed that fans should clearly expect more LEGO BrickHeadz sets by next year and he was careful enough not to spill the beans on what they’ll be. From the looks of things, LEGO seems to be moving forward with original designs while continuing its seasonal offerings. In fact, BrickHeadz started 2019 with a wave of original creations such as the Birthday Clown (40348), the Dragon Dance Guy (40354) and a handful of seasonal sets. Furthermore, according to Marcos, more seasonal sets will be introduced in the second half of this year. We can also expect that LEGO will continue to offer carefully selected licensed themes that will hopefully appeal to a diverse range of LEGO fans. The popularity of these sets was likened by Marcos to those of the LEGO collectible minifigures and hopes to see that the LEGO BrickHeadz line will win more fans and LEGO enthusiasts.

So what do you think about this brick fans? Are you excited to see more BrickHeadz sets? What licensed character are you hoping to have the LEGO brick treatment? Let me know what you think in the comments below.