LEGO Christmas Ornament Reindeer Head (5005253) Polybag Revealed

LEGO Christmas Ornament Reindeer Head (5005253)

UPDATE: Official images of the LEGO Christmas Ornament Reindeer Head (5005253) has now been uploaded via LEGO’s servers so we can be sure that this will be listed at any time soon.

Tis the season of the year to be seeing the emergence of Holiday-themed LEGO sets indeed. We’ve seen the Advent Calendars and new Winter Village buildings. And thanks to an early Store Calendar release in China we learned of the LEGO Christmas Box (40292) gift set. But wait; there’s more! Corny infomercial line aside, if you took a closer look at the Chinese LEGO Store November Calendar we shared with you previously, you’ll notice a special polybag right next to the image of the micro-scaled LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (40289) set. That’s a new LEGO Christmas Ornament Reindeer Head (5005253) polybag for 2018.

LEGO Christmas Ornament Reindeer Head (5005253)

5005253 alt1

Yep, for this year LEGO’s offering a hanging ornament for your Christmas tree in the shape of a reindeer’s head (5005253). It’s pretty much a collection of LEGO pieces that would look like a flat deer’s head when put together, along with a printed 1×2 tile that says 2018.

This is likely another promotional item that’ll be given away for every minimum purchase at LEGO Stores or Shop@Home. For now, only China has been known to announce it, but all other major LEGO markets ought to be following suit. Getting this out before Halloween is always a great idea to avoid the Holiday rush.

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