LEGO Encourages Millennials to De-Stress By Building With LEGO Bricks

De-Stress By Building With LEGO Bricks

For so many decades LEGO and its products have meant many things to so many people. They’ve been toys, educational aids, and a medium of artistic and architectural expression just to name a few. LEGO also have been tapped for research and physical therapy. And this time around, LEGO’s many products are being hyped as…an actual alternative to yoga? A LEGO advertisement has been making rounds in Instagram, targeted towards “millennial” users from the UK. It shows a woman failing to achieve some peace doing yoga exercises, and then knowing the joy of learning of how to de-stress by building with LEGO bricks.

De-Stress By Building With LEGO Bricks

“Need an escape?” goes the Instagram vid’s accompanying caption. “Building with Lego bricks reduces stress and improves your well-being. It’s Zen, in the shape of a brick.” This rather on-the-nose commercial enticement for more grownups to become AFOLs is the brainchild of LEGO Creative Play Lab, based on current research.

“There is a movement back to what may be more hands-on and physical,” says LEGO CPL vice president Tom Donaldson. “The boundaries between physical and digital play are blurring, and that is the future of play.” In a way, this social media ad is a follow-up to LEGO Forma, a new product line the company has introduced via crowd-funding that’s particularly geared towards adult builders.

Another statement by The LEGO Group all but heaps thanks and praise towards the AFOL community, both the longtime ones and those who’re more recently joining the bandwagon. “We have a strong adult fan-base who shares the passion for the LEGO brick and the endless possibilities it brings to creative expression,” so the statement goes.

So if you need to unwind and would like to find that bit of a measure of peace, then remember that you can always grab that brick bin and try to de-stress by building with LEGO bricks.

Source:  The Telegraph UK

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