LEGO Social Media Senior Director Lars Silberman Moving to MTV Digital Studios as Senior VP


With big companies like The LEGO Group, the shuffling and departure of high-level personnel around and from the organization can often draw attention from observers and analysts from the business world. This is in effect right now as one LEGO Global Senior Director has announced that he’s moving from the toy brand to an executive position on a cable network.

To be specific, Lars Silberbauer is taking his leave from The LEGO Group in order to become Senior Vice President of MTV Digital Studios. Silberbauer recently was in the spotlight on advertising news when he acted as spokesperson for LEGO in the company’s official position regarding the backlash on social media influencer Scarlett London’s Listerine plug way back in August.

At his highest office in The LEGO Group, Silberbauer served as Senior Global Director of Social Media and Video. The evolution of LEGO’s social media presence from just bare-bones to full of fun extras can be attributed to his direction.

It’s probably Lars Silberbauer’s successful launch of LEGO’s TV content in 2014, which can be seen in the content of the heavily visited LEGO YouTube channel that must have spurred MTV and Viacom to acquire his services for their own platforms. We therefore wish him well in his new endeavors.

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