LEGO Star Wars “Build the Galaxy” Event on First Weekend of November at London Science Museum

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A while ago we made mention of the massive following of LEGO Star Wars, with the new set releases, promos, and events that keep getting attached to the product line by the company. Even Star Wars-themed occasions not organized by LEGO itself can garner plenty of interest and fan participation.

For instance, the London Science Museum in the UK is organizing a great LEGO family event on the first weekend of November. We can certainly expect quite the wave of families and groups of fervent LEGO and Star Wars fans to eagerly participate in “LEGO Star Wars: Build the Galaxy”.

There’s just one quibble however. LEGO Star Wars: Build the Galaxy at the London Science Museum is a ticket-only event. While tickets for it are free, they can only be gotten from a prize draw promo hosted as a ballot. What’s more, the ticket ballot is only open until the midnight of October 29.

Still, if you’re an avowed LEGO Star Wars fan in the UK with companions in tow, passing the hoops involved will reward you with a weekend of building in the Museum to recreate scenes from the sprawling Star Wars saga. They’ll even get LEGO Star Wars character photo-ops and a goody bag for the occasion.

For more info, check out the LEGO Star Wars: Build the Galaxy Facebook event page, as well as the Universe ballot to join the draw. The big event itself runs from November 3 to 4.

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