London LEGO-Themed “Brick Bar” for AFOLs Accepting Bookings for 2019 Pop-Up Opening

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Way back at the start of this year, a pop-up establishment momentarily operated in Australia that drew the interest of AFOLs looking for a place to have a cold drink while indulging in their brick-building hobby. While it has no official connections to The LEGO Group, the titular Brick Bar was a hit due to being built out of millions of bricks, with loose pieces available for their customers’ perusal.

Several months later, news has come that the Brick Bar pop-up concept is ready to rock a new country, this time the UK in London. It’ll run for just three days with only ticket access allowed for any interested guests.

From April 26 to 28 next year, the Brick Bar will be serving drinks and offering LEGO pieces for play fun at its proposed pop-up location in Shoreditch, London. Patrons will get to appreciate the various brick-built sculpture designs inside the venue (the LEGO name isn’t mentioned in the premises for legal purposes).

Guests are freed to build and customize the bricks in the bar, while listening to local DJs doing their sets and tucking in for food and drinks. Creative builders may also get to win prizes from staff.

The Brick Bar in London will likely follow its Australian incarnation by being open morning to evening. Under-18s are allowed in only until 6 PM to leave the place for grownups and AFOLs as it gets dark. The first batch of 500 tickets (£20-£25 per head) for access to the bar are available for advance booking now, with each ticket allowing 90 minutes in the establishment to dine and play. Food items include Brick Burgers, and beverage selections will have cocktails and alcohol coming out at 6 in the evening.

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